Poll: Would you return a monitor for 1 dead pixel?
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No - thats just too fussy/too much effort
0 0%
Not for one, but for a few
1 14.29%
Yes but it depends where on the screen
3 42.86%
Yes. Doesn't matter where
3 42.86%
Total 7 vote(s) 100%
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Dead pixels
So I finally took the plunge, got an iMac (27 inch) and its going right back as it has a dead pixel. My other half doesn't understand the fuss but the last thing you need when you're getting you game on or watching a movie is to see that ever present, distracting green fleck that will never go away. So, thoughts from the STOA community on dead pixels?
I think they're dead.
If it's dead, you MUST complain to them and they MUST replace it.
You payed for something so it should work perfectly and there is no questioning about it.

Presuming other half is Mrs. Connar, would she replace clothes with few missing stitches (payed in full price and not marked as damaged in store)?

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