Finally time for a new computer (Help!)
(03-15-2014, 03:47 AM)robonixon Wrote: When I relocated for work last year, before my house and all my computer gear came with me I picked up an Asus G75VW to use for a gaming machine. I have to say I was totally impressed with it and still use it as a secondary machine and a media player. It was able to handle just about any game I threw at it on max settings and I could run less intensive stuff like STO while watching a movie on a 2nd monitor. sometimes has these for under $1K as refurbs (that is what I got, but via Newegg). I don't know how Woot is for shipping to Europe, though.
Asus makes AMAZING gaming machines. When I bought my laptop in September - with a bursary - I had "$800", which I went over just to get the one I did, with craptacular video card. I COULD have submitted all the receipts, and taken EVERYTHING back to the store, and used the $1400 to get myself an Asus (I wish I had... ) but c'est le vie.

Quick Edit: This past Monday (Mar. 10/14) I got myself the CoolerMaster CM 690 Advanced II (USB 3.0 edition).
The case is bigger, but the hard drive mounting is far easier (I use an SSD and 2.5" Momentus XT) than the Antec.


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