Fleet Bank suggestion?
As of last night, I was trying to get some stuff out of the fleet bank. It kept denying me the rights. I don't know if it's possible, but as a suggestion, for us, and maybe later on, Cryptic: Maybe the bank privileges should be more of: The more you deposit, the more you can withdraw. I feel that would make for a much more fair way of administering the rights. Members who don't really contribute to the bank, imo, shouldn't be allowed to take from it, while those who actively deposit items into the bank, should be allowed to take out just as much. It's just a theory. But who knows, maybe spread the idea around and have it spread through other fleets and Cryptic might think it over?
Well I currently set the privileges of how much each rank can take out. It is defined here http://www.stoacademy.com/fleet/ranks.php.

I may change the Crafting and the Misc. daily limits since those have tons of items. I just don't want to allow someone to take a huge amount of items from the bank.

Your idea does make sense and if I were you I would suggest it in the official STO forums.

As a note on this idea might want to suggest it has to be comparable items. I.E. if you put in commons you can take out commons, if you want to take out rares must put in rares.
An important thing to keep in mind is that the system needs to be more or less totally provided by in-game mechanics. If any system used by the Fleet requires too much independent bookkeeping or other work on anyone's part, it starts cutting into his/her gametime. If/when that happens, the person doing that extra work needs to be compensated by the Fleet for the time he/she is giving up in order to provide such a service to the Fleet, or a different system that doesn't require that extra work needs to be used. That's why I suggest that whatever system is used be doable almost completely with in-game tools/mechanics (which seems to pretty much be the case as it is now).
On the surface the reciprocity method of bank privileges makes sense. The only problem I notice with it is that it might not make things totally even across the board. The entire point of the bank is the "share and share alike" mentality. I see what your saying about some people always abusing the system to get a free lunch out of it. I personally try to deposit more than I actually do because the bank gets full, or there are already 2 copies of the thing I want to deposit. If it's going to collect dust in the fleet bank, why bother? I rarely if ever take things from the bank, because I always feel like I'm cheating somebody else out of it.

The idea has merit, and it should be considered by Cryptic. Until a change is implemented at that level, the most we can do as a fleet is recommend limit changes. We could start an internal audit, but as CFHollister pointed out, this might require too much in-house bookkeeping.
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I think the idea, or at least my understanding of it, was to refine this concept here in this thread and then the OP would post it to Cryptics suggestion thread.
Well I didn't mean to criticize the current method. I just brought it up as a possibly alternative option. Maybe, upon creating a fleet and the fleet's bank, the creator, in my opinion can establish the choice of method to be used. Maybe not so much as this idea should replace the other. And as for me, I ask for Cryptic to at least consider it. I'm not expecting a change or them even looking at it, but I would be happy enough with just a consideration. I agree with Greasemonkey in the fact that I, too, rarely withdraw from the bank, but with my current bug (and I'm calling it a bug, at the moment) that I still am unable to withdraw from the bank. I feel that this concept would lead to a much better system with lesser "bookkeeping" for the fleet as the idea I invision is all automated. I also agree with Blakmage that the user can only take out items based on a tallied rarity.

Albeit I don't know jack about coding, let alone for an MMO, but I see it as something that wouldn't be overly difficult. But hey, what do I know? Big Grin

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