Hirogen Long Range Sensor Masking and YOU!
Hey guys! So as some of you know, I recently got both the Hirogen ships (Hunter Escort and Apex Battlecruiser). One of the main things that allured me to the ships was the mention of the Long Range Sensor Masking built in to the ships free without a console of any sort. However, I didn't understand it since no one on any forum could really give details about it. That is where Paddy and I came in. We tested the detection range in a 1v1 pvp match using raidcall to stay in touch. Please note the results were identical for both ships. With no skills in his sensors and none in my stealth, I was first detected by him at 15km while I detected him at 52 km (I do have about 50 points in sensors so I don't know how that affected my perception). Even with his sensors at 148 with five sci consoles and a deflector boost, I was still only detectable at a range <16km. With a Mk XII fleet embassy stealth console and no skill points in my innate stealth, my detection distance was cut by about half a kilometer regardless of what level his sensors were at. I further hypothesize that with some points in my innate stealth and perhaps a second console and deflector/set that boosts stealth, I could possibly cut my detection distance to 13km (though the dev blog said 12 but I think that would be with everything maxed out and I actually need to have a tough build too Smile ).
I really think that the Hirogen Ships will become most popular in PvP, especially for Federation Captains. Based on the results of our research, those Ships are detected very late and will cause more than just one WTF-Moment. Next War Games shall be interesting.
I am certainly planning on getting the hirogen ships for my romulan/human character, hopefully I will be able to pool together those resources!
James, They are tough ships. I did a pvp earlier where I would get surrounded because my allies were scared off or killed and because they have good hull amounts and shield modifiers I was able to keep them occupied while my team regrouped. And it is very fun to just dash 15 km away and they lose me so they can't finish me off.
(02-21-2014, 08:16 PM)Chris Wrote: I would assume once you get outside that 15km then opponents would lose any locks on your ships-

From the ship descriptions, even without the sensor masking, they should certainly be great in PVP. It's just icing on the cake-

Poking around and doing some research, I found the following pieces of information:

Sci ships seem to be able to pick up the ships around the 19-21k mark.

Going into red alert shuts it off the sensor masking. (When you leave red alert it Charges back up and turns back on, takes about 5 seconds.)

So, I'm not sure that you could run away to 15km and disappear, as you would need to wait for red alert to end.

When folks are flying at full impulse in PVP (almost always a mistake) this ship would certainly be able to get in a few shots while their shields/weapons/etc are all at low levels.

As a scientist, I propose we do further testing then. My experience with pvp suggest they either lose sight of me or don't want to follow me when I'm dying lol. I totally agree though, aside from the LRSM, the ship is really awesome to fly. Its got tough shields and hull compared to other escorts without losing maneuverability, one of the smallest ships in the game so hard(er) to notice in the heat of battle, It also has an acceptable boff and console setup. Guarding the Kang is a joke in this thing. I like the consoles that come with both ships and in STF's its nice to throw down the decoys or turn around for 20% extra damage on an attack run, but I'm not sure I use them enough in pvp to warrant the console space. So I guess you can say a lot of work is still needed Tongue

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