Crafting items at top of game
Crafted items are very good. If you plan on playing Elite STFs a lot then I would suggest crafting and slowly replacing them with items from the STFs because they are better when battling the Borg. If you are going to do Normal STFs then you don't need the STF equipment.

As a matter of fact, to me it looks like the crafted items are better than the STF ones. The only difference is that the STF items are more focused on destroying the Borg so it provide bonuses against them.

Hmm, that's rather interesting. Now I'm assuming that the fleet's bank is acceptable to get some of the required material, with restrictions in place so no one person can just clean it out. But I would think that since the things are overflowing with materials, that the more we use, the merrier?
By all means, take what you need from the fleet bank. There are definitely limitations on it. If I recall correctly, for the Crewman rank, players are limited to 5 crafting items daily. That's 5 items from each crafting bank for a total of 10.

Its a good idea to use them so that way it doesn't overflow, but its always nice for members to keep filling it up. I throw all the crafting items I get into the bank.

Attilio Wrote:I throw all the crafting items I get into the bank.

Me too, It's my little contribute to the fleet while reaching the proper grade for the STF. I have also a lot of crafting material in my personal bank. Let me know if you need something.
Lol, that's what I just spent 54k Dilithium on XD
Kairu Wrote:Lol, that's what I just spent 54k Dilithium on XD

Lol yeah but it was worth it Smile

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