Dyson Science Destroyer pics
Chris suggested I should take some screen shots of the new ship that I adore so much since there aren't that many pics of them. I also used different shields to show you what this beauty can look like. Here are the dyson space set and the tholian space set         And Jem hadar and a few other angles.        

oh I forgot the bridge. I'm confused as to why a strfleet guy is there considering I'm Reman and don't have any starfleet boffs    
Nice looks! Thank you for sharing it, can't wait to get mine (10 more days)...

About bridge, is it just that part available like in Obelisk Carrier or are there any other floors that you can visit, like on most regular Fed/Rom/KDF bridges?
@Xhopeon: The bridge is sadly just the one room. BUt the ramps and chairs open up when you approach them like in the Fleet Spire so I really like that.

@Chris: Right now, I am using the Dyson Reputation set on it because I like survivability skills that come along with it. I also really like the Solanae set and see using it in the near future. I like the Jemhadar set in conjunction with the protonic/phased polaron weapons I use, but I have been considering a tetryon build since the secondary deflector and the sci abilities strip shields. Either way I'm either sucking off lots of power or shields. I'm still beating it around in my head. And I am definitely getting the C-store ships, I love the concept of a mixed-class ship. Oh! And I thought you might like me posing the ships in the militia shipyard Big Grin I may do more ship pics like that.
Attlio, can any of these be put I to the fleet sig maker?
I was wondering the same thing. having my pic of my ship in the hangar would be awesome for my sig Big Grin
Goddamn that's a handsome ship.

RIGHT I'll get one for my Rom. What version do you guys recommend?


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