How to grind Fleet Marks in the Defera Invasion Zone
Welcome to the Defera Invasion Zone, which is the starting point of future "Fleet Mark Hunts".

The Defera Invasion Zone aka DIZ, is a very nice place to grind LOTS of Fleet Marks in a fairly short amount of time. When you beam down to the DIZ, you are in the Base Camp. Here you find four Mission givers, that are reponsible for different parts of the DIZ. These are the missions, that you want to pick up:
  • [Hard] Temple: Uninvited Guests
  • [Hard] Probe: Counter Offensive (chance it will autocomplete, when someone else do it)
  • [Hard] Power Plant: Getting to the Bottom of Things
  • [Hard] City: Knowledge is Key
You just need a Team of 3 players to start Hard missions on the Defera, which will grant you 240 Fleet Marks in about 25 - 30 minutes time. That can be raised of course, by collaterally doing the secondary missions along the way. Not at once, but cumulative over time, when you participate often in the "Fleet Mark Hunt". Those "secondary" Missions are:
  • [Easy] CIty: Modus Operandi
    (Killing Borg in the City Area rewards Borg Cortical Arrays. Collect 50 of them to complete)
  • [Medium] City: Locked In
    (There lit up Doors in the City. Check for locked in Deferi and free them. Free 15 Locked in Deferi to complete)
  • [Medium] City: Peer Pressure
    (In the City you will encounter Deferi surrounded by 4 Borg. Prevent the Borg from assimilating the Deferi. Save 15 of them to complete)
  • [Medium] Temple: Conflicted Orders
    (On the way to the Temple, you will encounter Assimilated Priests. They won't die, but their connection to the Collective is severed. Tag them and beam them to safety. Rescue 30 Priests to complete)
Essential Rules for a swift success in the DIZ:
  1. The player, who starts the mission, MUST be alive when the mission ends! If he is not, then the mission is a failure! So, the most experienced Player should be the one to start the missions.
  2. Have at least one Engineer on your Team. Although, you can do it without Engineers in the DIZ, the Engineers will make your Life in the DIZ a LOT easier. Their Generators, Turrets, Mines and Bombs as well as Drones and their Orbital Strike ability will have a devastating effect on the Borg here.
Alright, this is the usual sequence, how it is done:

A. [Hard] Temple: Uninvited Guests
The Team beams from the Base camp to the Temple area. From there you go on foot to the Temple Obelisk. On the way there, you will encounter Assimilated Priests. Rescue them for the "Conflicted Orders" mission. When you are at the Temple, you see multiple stairways leading up to the Obelisk. One players head to the Top and uses a Console to start the mission. The remainder of the Teams, preferably Engineers, prepare the very base of those Stairways for the Borg arrival (Enemy Neutralization Kits are best for Engineers on Defera). The Borg will then try to fight their way upstairs and beam in reinforcements in certain intervalls, which beam in more and more closer to the Obelisk. When you completed the mission, pick up the purple Reward Container! Then proceed to the Probe, IF it hasn't autocompleted in the meantime.

B. [Hard] Probe: Counter Offensive
Around the Probe are four Areas, at which "Counter Offensive" can be started. There is a Pillar Console, which you have to interact with. Engineers should place Chroniton Mine Barriers, Transphasic Bombs and/or Turrets, if available. Once you have killed the assimilated Gorn, the mission is completed. There is NO reward container to be picked up. Now proceed the Power Plant - Level 3.

C. [Hard] Power Plant: Getting to the Bottom of Things
On the third level of the Power Plant, you will find 3 large Rooms. Pick the left one. It has the smallest chance of being bugged. Important: Once you start the mission, the entrance to the room will be blocked by a forcefield. So, it is of utmost importance, to check if the entire team is inside the room, before starting the mission. At first, an Elite Tactical Borg Drone and some Drones will emerge and attack you. The Elite Tactical Borg cannot not be killed at this phase of the mission, it will retreat to its forcefield for protection. When it does. Heavy Tactical Drones are activated and will walk down from the ramps and the sides of the Room. Kill them. Once you did that, you need to destroy Borg Turrets on the platforms as well as kill the Elite Tactical Drone. When you are done, pick up the purple Reward container and move on to the City. NOTE: If your mission is bugged (meaning no progression), you need to switch your instance, if order to get out of your room and to try anew.

D. [Hard] City: Knowledge is Key
The City is a place that tries your patience. In roughly 95% of all cases, the missions there are bugged, but can still be completed. In the northwestern corner of the DIZ, within the City, are four Areas that contains Alcoves with newly assimilated, partially assimilated and fully assimilated Deferi. You recognize the "functioning" Subareas by finding an Alcove with 4 Borg Drones standing next to each other in their Alcoves right of the Console with which you start the mission. Assuming the Mission is not bugged, you have to survive 3 Stages:
  • Stage 1: Rescue the newly assimilated Deferi.
    When you start the Mission, the surrounding Borg will leave their Alcove and attack you. The majority of the Team should fight off the Borg, while one Player rescues the 7 newly assimilated Deferi. Once you accomplish this, Stage 2 will start after about 10 seconds.
  • Stage 2: Liberate the partially assimilated Deferi.
    NOTE: If your mission is bugged, this Stage will automatically begin 3.5 minutes after you started the mission.
    A total of 5 partially assimilated Deferi will now activate and leave the center Alcoves and attack you. Shoot them. You can NOT kill them. You sever their connection to the Collective instead and beam them to safety. NOW read carefully, because this is essentially if you are on a small Team.
    Before you tag the partially assimilated Deferi, you should prepare the surroundings of the Center Alcoves for the arrival of the fully assimilated Deferi. Why? Because as soon as the last partially assimilated Deferi beams out, the fully assimilated Deferi activate.
  • Stage 3: Defeat the fully assimilated Deferi.
    NOTE: If your mission is bugged, this Stage will automatically begin 7 minutes after you started the mission.
    To fight those off, you should throw everything you have at them. Remembering Rule #1 is most important here.A failure in a bugged City will not only force you to repeat it, but you will have to wait another 7 minutes as well.
    When you are done, pick up the purple Reward container and return to Base Camp.
I hope this quick tour of Defera will help you on your future "Fleet Mark Hunts"

Fight well! And if you must, then die with Honor!

LLAP / Qapla' / Jolan Tru
We tried to repeat the battle zone feat but the thing is bugged
(02-16-2018, 02:43 PM)codius1988 Wrote: We tried to repeat the battle zone feat but the thing is bugged
If you mean the hard ones in the Power Plant, I'm afraid then there no real workaround except for trying to switch instances.

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