Free "Khan" uniform worn by Khan in "The Wrath of Khan"
Hi Guys,

Cryptic is rewarding you for testing the Beta of the new ARC Client with a free uniform worn by Khan.

If you have already tested the Beta, then you already got it. If you have not tested the Beta of the ARC Client, you can simply download it.
The new ARC automatically detects installed STO versions, so you do not need to download it again or copy/move files on your hard drive.

The Khan uniform can be worn by all Characters, regardless of their faction. As proof, here is a Screenshot of Legion Admiral P'Triq Marqus wearing it.
I do not mean to disrespect, but... wow Rolleyes

Now I need to get back online again...
(01-27-2014, 09:40 PM)Chris Wrote: Cool, I'll have to power on my older machine (which has Arc) and see if that does the trick.

Thank you for the heads up!

Attilio deserves that thanks as he shared the link on Facebook. It got me curious enough to try it out.

More random uniforms for Iquaris to plunder the innocent with Big Grin

Now all I need is RRF Alien Boffs
That whole costume is a massive disappointment
Today, I fooled around with the Khan Outfit by mixing it with parts of the Bajoran Vedek Outfit on my Romulan Senate Robe:

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