Fleet Bank Klingon
Why can't the Klingon side fleet have their bank like Federation side does. That would be very nice.
haha yeah , When ever i get access id like to fill that bitch up if possible
Because we don't have enough money in the fleet bank to buy additional bank slots. Each bank slot costs roughly 1,200,000 energy credits (if I remember correctly).

I do want to set up the Klingon bank like the Fed bank, but until we get enough money, it won't happen.

No worries fellow KDF folks, the fleet bank is getting an upgrade Smile
Perhaps it would be in idea, for all our members (if they have a kdf character) to post whatever BoE or non committal items that you dont need or want over to your kdf char, sell them to a vendor for ECs or put them on the exchange and put the Ec's into the fleet bank.

As many of us dont really use our KDF's characters, the loss of energy credits wont really effect us Smile
I agree with Jstagg. Our KDF bank is currently up to par with the Fed bank, so if you can help out in anyway please do so. Send items over, put them in the bank, or sell them for ECs and deposit those into the bank.


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