Season 9 Spoilers
About time, that the Sol System get its beating. Big Grin
(01-27-2014, 05:00 PM)Chris Wrote: Well, Qu'noS gets a beating in the KDF storyarc, so I assume it's only fair!

I would hope that the missions involving this story-line are not fed only....
(But at a time of war, seems odd the KDF would run over to help the folks they are at war with kick Undine butt....
But, they could just say it's a task force so the KDF don't also have to face the undine threat....)

In my opinion that whole "Federation and Klingons at War" issue has become ridiculous. There is more cooperation now than actual hostilities: Task Force Omega, common support of the Romulan Republic, the Nukara Strikeforce, Joint Dyson Command, the cooperation during "The 2800" story arc. Have I forgot something? The Federation and the Klingon may not be at peace, but no one is really buying that they are at War either. Cryptic needs to announce an official Cease Fire without a Peace Treaty. This is working on the Korean Peninsula for decades.
If you dont want it shared outside the fleet, why is this in the sto discussions board lol
(01-27-2014, 06:23 PM)Jstagg Wrote: If you dont want it shared outside the fleet, why is this in the sto discussions board lol
lol was just wondering the same

I moved this to Fleet Discussions since you want to keep it in the fleet

To stay on topic, this all looks really cool. Makes me wonder if it's real or meant to throw us off lol

(03-19-2014, 01:41 PM)Chris Wrote: The Space Battlezone can be accessed from the edge of the Contested Zone, or from the first area where you arrive in the Allied Zone.

So, it is like I suspected. Big Grin
I kind of like the idea of nanoprobe feedback. That could be pretty powerfull in pvp, especially for a sci captain who is already use feedback pulse.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what they did with Terradome. That was an interested mission despite the numerous problems it had.
well i cant wait for the next missions to come out now my ship is alot better of and will be fun playing with alot more people aswell.
Welp the server is adding season 9 and I'm quite excited! A new rep and new missions to do! Not to mention NEW GEAR!!! I'm so tired of having everything you can get (outside of the Lobi Store)
YES! This is from today's patch notes. This bug has been around for years. Can't believe they are finally fixing it:
  • Resolved an issue which would occasionally warp players into completed maps for:
    • Deep Space Encounters
    • Borg Red Alerts
    • Tholian Red Alert

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