Unfortunately we have the maximum amount of bank slots available. If it becomes necessary, I will adjust the rules so that no common (white) or uncommon (green) gear is allowed in the Mk X, XI, XII banks. We'll see how things progress.

All STF items and equipment are bound. The only ones that may not be (I don't remember exactly) are the basic items. The sets, EDCs, and all that good stuff are bound.

We can have a member list in the forums for each Squadron. I can even create a forum group for each and give the commanders permission to control the group's members.

Everything is bound on pickup from STFs except some items you get from your end mission reward. Nothing you buy on DS9 (borg, MACO, Omega) can be traded or shared it and the things needed to buy them are BoP unfortunately.
It kinda makes sense though. If I were Cryptic, I wouldn't want my members trading rarer items like it's no big deal. And from what I hear lately, there's a bug on the Exchange anyways.
I do like this idea alot!

The rank however, maybe it would be best managed by the Admiral of the fleet, when they are picked?
In fact,

Forget about my post lol
I guess I should have figured that all of the "good stuff" would be BoP. I'm glad I asked the question. Unfortunately that puts a severe damper on the possibilities of the fleet bank goodies. It does leave room for mission rewards, and some of those are really cool. I guess we won't need extra room. Unless we need to make room for the proceeds of the Chief Crafter's "Memory Alpha Mayhem" :lol: I guess we cross that bridge when we come to it though. Thanks for all of the input guys.

Are the squadrons up yet? No.

How about now? No.

Now? :roll:

What is this I hear about an exchange bug? I've not heard about that.
Field Admiral
STO Academy Fleet
Greasemonkey The squadron threads will most likely go up after Attilio announces who is going to head the various squadrons.

I am glad this idea got such good response.
Chris There will be a thread going up in the next day or so where you can apply to join the STF squadron but until then just ask people if they want to run STFs and you can ussually get some interest.

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