Hello all my brother invited me into the fleet...my kind of place..Smile
welcome!!! yes this is my brother, and we are together clearing the stars of mayhem

if he hasn't already im trying to get him to contact the big wigs so it can open all the fleet stuff for him
Welcome to STO Academy Fleet, whichever you joined!

Best thing to do now is to contact Attilio either with PM here on site or via Mail in game, just let him know all your names, from here and game (that second part that you use for login) so he can grant you access to Fleet part of the site.
And if you haven't been invited to Private Fleet Channel, just speak in regular Fleet channel and tell them to ask any of admirals to give you invite, there's always someone online who can send you invite, here are instructions how to join it then.

EDIT: now I see that you have posted in Fleet section, that means first part is completed.
no it was moved here he cant see this post or any fleet post yet, until he gets fleet privies
Probably moved by James or Attilio.
Anyways, tell your brother what I've said in previous post, it will all be sorted within a day Big Grin
I told him, he said next time he gets on
Welcome to the fleet!
Join in the convo's in the chat thinger ... we don't bite hard.

Ty i can see it now
Sorry, that was me who moved it haha!

Glad you got where you were looking for anyway Smile

See you in game!

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