STO 4th Anniversary Event
I'd love a Dauntless. Would be another great ship to have some kind of experimental slipstream technology on. I'm just trying to think if there are any crucial ships we've seen in the tv shows that they could introduce but the Enterprise C seems to have covered them off...
I'd be surprised to see the Dauntless, as it was never a Starfleet vessel.
In all honesty, I expect Cryptic come up with another unique design, shared by all three factions. Since Season 9 is presumably about the Delta Quadrant, it may be indeed from that Region. Maybe of Kazon or Hirogen origin? Who knows?

However, I'm looking forward to a 4th Party Gun and to the 4th Anniversary mission. I loved Temporal Ambassador and hope the 4th Anniversary mission will be awesome.
The Dauntless is a really good guess. I think it's safe to say we won't get another Enterprise because I highly doubt they'll make a G or give us the J from Ent. Although if it's approved they could give us the JJ-verse Enterprise. Frankly I still want a Vulcan Escort, but that's just me lol.

(01-07-2014, 01:58 PM)Chris Wrote: Found another tease on the site about how the 4th ann event might be linked to the sphere.

When we asked what was next for the MMO, Ricossa hinted at something that Trek fans will be excited about. "I can't get into too many details, but we have something really cool planned for everyone," he teased. "Our next update would be our Anniversary Event coming early next year. This event should not only be a fun celebration of the anniversary, but also move the story from the Dyson Sphere forward."
Voth Zone in the Dyson Sphere finally unlocked?
Give everyone 1000 free Zen, 10,000 free Dili and 1,000,000 free EC, and call it a day.
There are too many ships, and the "Avenger" is supposed to be the battle ship.

STO goes through new ships faster than I buy new undies!! Big Grin

Honestly I'd be perfectly fine with that. People could then buy whatever ship they wanted with that Zen. Cryptic really releases too many ships. I have a bunch in my bank that are bound and I have nothing to do with them. I have no more empty ship slots and I'm never going to use them. I just have them as collectibles lol

I lost count of ship slots when I reached 29/30 ish.

Best anniversary present ever would be a ship that comes with a bloody ship slot!
I would love to see an Exeter class retrofit, or possibly a Miranda class retrofit. I love the look of the Miranda. Pity it was a starter ship only in this game.

For KDF I'd love to see a variation or modification of the Vor'Cha. Something that looks like that or the K'tinga.

I imagine it will be like the Kamarag and Ambassador -- a lvl40 ship with same boff setup on both factions but faction-specific differences (i.e. escort for fed, but raptor for kdf)
It just doesn't have the same look and styling, though. Far too pointed and triangular. But then... it would be better than the latest stuff, that's sure.
I dunno, the thing with doing ships like Miranda at T5 level is it just doesn't feel right to have a ship that you know is not very powerful 'up there'. It would be like the NX light escort being a better ship than a TER/MVAE. They don't have to stick to it but I wouldn't like to see a powerful version of an 'old' ship.

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