IDEA: Fleet Competition
I was thinking we could hold a fleet competition through one on one PvP matches. The basic idea is this, everyone who wants to join will let me know (probably through a forum thread). I'll randomly generate matches for round 1. The winners will then move to round 2. Those winners will move to round 3. You get the idea. We'll do this until we have 1 ultimate winner who will get some kind of prize.

The entire competition will be held over a period of time (not just 1 day, but maybe a few weeks depending on how many people want to be a part of it).

If there is enough interest I'll go ahead and start planning it out in more detail. As always if you have any ideas for it be sure to let me know.

How would you do level difference? And I am interested though not sure how well I would do or even participate cause of my schedule.
It would have to be designed for a specific level, most likely 50 which is the level cap.

As far as times are concerned, the matches can be held at any time. Once all of them are complete then we will move to the next round.

Am down for this I need some pvp practice and to test builds
This is a good idea. As co-CEO of a small 'corp' in EVE (equivalent to a 'fleet; in STO) we've run a few similar types of events. I was the tournament organizer for those events. Actually it would probably be much easier in STO since there's no actual ships or fittings that can be lost, whereas in EVE whatever blows up is actually destroyed/gone which means either players or the corp have to fit the bill for whatever gear is used. But it's great fun and gives people a great way to get introduced to PvP in a more friendly environment (although, by comparison to EVE, all PvP in STO is pretty friendly since there's never really anything to lose; and by extension, PvP ability isn't really an essential survival tool for the fleet). Bottom line: it's a great idea for an event and we should do it.

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