Federation Dreadnought
I want to hear what you all think of this ship. I am a tactical captain and am interested in it as it seems like it would have really high alpha and good sustained damage after that. However the turn rate is horrible and not sure if I would enjoy playing it or not. So any thoughts on its actual use by a tactical officer would be appreciated.
Ok so i went ahead and got one. Here are my thoughts so far after doing some stfs in it. This thing takes one hell of a beating if you have the right boff abilities and can still put out a lot of dps. It is slow and unmaneuverable which may cause problems while doing story missions and Does cause problems trying to pvp with it, at least using DHCs. I haven't done very many story missions with it yet so not sure how well it will end up doing.

Overall I am happy with it. It is fun and the spinal lance is just a blast to use, even if it does have a 3m cool-down as with my boff abilities and captain abilities it double pulses for around 30-40k damage when i use it.
I got this vessel. I wont change for another one.
My skill planner about this vessel :
<!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href="http://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/?build=olivetree_1156">http://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/?bui ... etree_1156</a><!-- m -Arrow

From my opinion dreadnought is the better multipurpose vessel. For example against Crystal entity I outfit it with Beam Arrays, Dual Beam Banks, Turret and Dual Cannons. In this position it's a powerful battleship against C.E.

Against normal ship except Borg. I outfit it with mix weapons : Torpedo, mine, dual beam banks, turret and beam array.

Because of Borg set. It can drive really fast.
Also its hull is fine.
So then from my opinion it's a good battleship for STF, a good vessel for episode, a good spaceship for exploration.
Personally BlakMage, I like the Dreadnought. I upped the turn rate rather considerably, imo. But it sacrifices other consoles. Which is my downside. But I like it. And as established, it can take a beating and can still crank out some serious dps.
I do not use one, but taking from it's original design class (the Galaxy Class) it was more intended as a fortress ship. The lance is for a devestating finale if and when you can use it. I'd slap some scorpions on it, and try to round out the weps so you dont have any weak spots in defense.

As with real life navy, most ships that are designed with low turn rates are then outfitted for maximum armor and weapon power in as best of coverage as they can be.

My own preference for "tank" type plays like this vessel seems to be to me are beams and torps. One torp aft and fore, with beam arrays for most all else. Might consider a turret rear, and a dual beam fore as well, giving a nicer fore dps; but the lance kinda takes care of that for single targets. In most combat, there shouldnt be a reason you'd need that much damage to multiple targets.

This also leads me to ask about the lance... Is it as powerful here as the show made it out to be? IE: If you hit one ship with it, does it pierce thru and still hit more ships behind it? If so, this would be something a squad would have to work out as a team tactic to make effective use of.
Ok first i would like to thank everyone that answered, its interesting to see what you all think. I would like to say that I got it a while back and cannot be happier with it. Now a couple thoughts of my own.

First i dont worry about the turn rate since i use it as pve/stfs more then anything else. I run armor in my engineering slots, shield emitter and PDS in sci and all phasor relays in Tac slots.

Second if you use this ship you almost have to use phasors as the lance is a phasor and it IS affected by the phaser relay consoles. As to the power of the lance....well if i pop all my buffs at once and am running full weapon power it does over 45k base damage with each pulse and it pulses twice. Also it does go through any ships it hits and if another or several other are in a line with it then it hits them too. I think its slightly reduced damage against the secondary targets but not sure how much it is reduced, I can say it does still hit very hard.

I run only turrets aft as I keep my fore pointed at the enemy and avoid letting anything behind me as much as possible.

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