Easy Dyson Marks
I don't know if anyone else in the fleet has found this detail. After capturing the center point in the city zone, after a few minutes Voth begin spawning in one place just outside the point. There are usually just three specialists although the odd medic shows up now and then. However, almost every group drops three command credit markers. Unlike the rest of the zone (so far as I have found), these are worth four command credits each.

Since the Voth groups keep spawning until the Omega silo is opened, this is a fast way to knock out that reinforcements daily mission from Commander Arnold or rack up some extra marks.

I haven't seen too many people taking advantage of this feature yet, but I suspect folks will be all over it once word gets out. Shall we keep this in the fleet for now? Wink

Yeah...no point sharing with those other muggles! Tongue
(12-13-2013, 12:02 AM)Jstagg Wrote: Yeah...no point sharing with those other muggles! Tongue
My thinking exactly. Big Grin

It's almost silly how easy it is to load up the credits for a Captain level reinforcement in that spot.

As I am developing a battle zone addiction I'll be checking it out tonight. Also for the zone dailies you can just blast voth ships.. its a bit quicker in the contested zone. Just camp a tower and blast away.

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