Speculation on an upcoming 5th Fleet Holding

with the next Content upgrade (presumably in May 2014), I expect Cryptic to throw a fifth Fleet Holding at us. The Question will be: "What will it give us?"

Let's sum up, what we have:
Starbase: Advanced / Elite Fleet Deflectors, Impulse, Engines, Shields and Weapons
Embassy: Threat-Scaling Science Consoles, Romulan Ground Kits
Dilithium Mine: Enhanced Engineering Consoles, Advanced / Elite Cores
Spire: Vulnerability Exploiter / Locator Tactical Consoles, more Personal Ground Kits, more Advanced / Elite Cores

So Science, Engineering and Tactical Consoles are taken. What does that leave us?
My personal hope is, that the next Fleet Holding will have unique Ship Weapons and Universal Consoles in store for us. And as a by-product grants us noticeable discounts on Consumables and Commodities on a personal level, just like the Dilithium Store Discount each of us received through the Mine. But that's just me.

What are your guesses / hopes?
I hope they dont and do something else lol
I'm thinking they will eventually introduce fleet variants of shuttles but what else they could give us could be anything because if they were willing to do two holdings that give better cores, than they could always make tac consoles that boost two weapon types at a time or some other tomfoolery.

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