Militia Defera Run - Friday 29 November
You read that correctly - Friday 29th November, at 2030 CET, there is a planned Militia run on Defera.

It's a good event, providing Fleet Marks and Omega Marks. Bring your Borg bashing tools (including a remodulator!) and we can get at it.

If you're unsure of what happens on Defera but are interested in coming, we cover the 4 Hard missions and it should take no more than 30 mins with a half-decent team of 3 (the minimum allowed). More is obviously better, to a max of 5, which makes it quicker.

A quick run down on the missions -

Temple: Borg beam in at set points in groups. We kill them. It is pretty much that simple. Engineers, bring your bombs and mines

Power Plant (PP): A little more complicated. 3 stage fight - a named (boss type) borg and some drones. When boss is badly beat up, they go and hide in a forcefield. Then come Elite Tactical drones (fairly nasty chaps) and we smack them down. Last stage - the boss comes out again and 3 plasma mortars fire up. The mortars have forcefields which need to be disabled (just 'use' the console on the mortar) and then they die easily. Boss should die last and the person who starts the mission should be alive at the end to avoid possible bugs. Sometimes it completes early so keep an eye on chat.

City: Borg are assimilating the Defari (presumably for balance!) and they are at various stages and the mission goes in the 3 stages - Free the newly assimilated by 'using' them. Then free the partially assimilated by shooting them then tagging them. Finally kill the fully assimilated ones. This all takes place with some tactical drones attacking during each phase as well. Often this is heavily bugged and turns in to a 6 minute wait.

Probe: Often auto completes, but is a simple "Kill an assimilated Gorn" mission.

It's really not complicated, but if you're new to the fleet or don't often get involved in the group stuff normally, please do give it a go. I'll be taking it easy and no one will get told off for mistakes! Tongue TacPaddy has added a much better run-through than I have, which if you're still not feeling secure then it would be worth a read - in fact, it's worth a read anyway.

If you're up for it, please also make sure you join the STO Acadamy chat channel - infos elsewhere on the site.

It's also added in the Militia events list, so you can sign up there.

Looking forward to running it with you.

At EVERY mission on Defera person who started must stay alive, if someone is not sure he can survive, leave Team Leader to take that burden Wink

Btw. don't make this Militia explicit, make it Federation run over Defera, that way there may be few teams formed and it would benefit both Federation Fleets.

Fair point, Xhoppy - other feds are more than welcome.
(11-27-2013, 06:10 PM)Monty Wrote: TacPaddy has added a much better run-through than I have, which if you're still not feeling secure then it would be worth a read - in fact, it's worth a read anyway.
I did? LOL. Must have forgotten about that then.
Blah. Hope you guys had fun. By 2:30pm Central, I'm at work.
It's a great shift except for missing these things.

Due to lack of players it was canceled...

But that should not discourage you! Even those "epic" Legion runs are canceled/postponed at least once a week for very same reason!
Keep the event on daily basis, maybe shift it for few +/- hours and announce it half hour before it starts, I have no doubt it could become regular daily grind for at least few members that it needs!

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