Q’s Winter Wonderland 2014
(12-05-2013, 03:23 PM)Chris Wrote: (I didn't know you could talk to him at the Romulan Command Center, I'll have to check that out....)
He's been seen there. Smile
is there a trick to this fastest race on ice? i keep getting my butt handed to me?
You can also use the mouse to steer. Hold both mouse buttons down while running and point the camera in the direction you want to run in. When approaching corners release everything and just slide in the corner while turning to face the next direction you want to go in. Rinse and repeat Big Grin

Thanks guys, i got it on my 6th or 7th attempt last night. only 24 more to go.
First race out of the gate, 15 players.... 1st place. WW double tap FTW!!!
If rolling isn't how you.........ummm...........roll, then you can jump instead -

When you slide, jump and turn to face the direction you want to go in, land and sprint.

With both rolling (keep on rolling, baby) and jumping (Kris Kross will make ya..........") there is the recover timer. Last year I tried both and got on better with jumping than rolling

Try singing those songs as you do it for a little extra speed**.

**speed boost is totally made up
WINTER is pristine and elegant — a season to warm by the fire with a cup
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I just hope they've ditched the stupid end-race flag mechanic in the multiplayer race, it drove me mad in the summer event this year.
I wouldn't count on that.  It's been that way for at least two years and they've given no indication in the past that they think it's not working as intended.  I hate it too and I don't think I've run across anyone who likes it, but it's just one of those things they have no interest in spending time on.
A Sarr Theln Warship as a third addition for the Winter Wonderland would be really nice. Either as a pure Carrier with 6 Weapon slots and two hangar bay or the classical Flight Deck/Dreadnaught Cruiser with 8 Weapon Slots and one Hangar Bay, like the Voth Bastion and Bulwark or the Corsair Flight Deck Cruiser.

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