Starship Elite STF Builds (Season 8)
That's a solid build you have for your Oddy there, Chris. Have you considered implementing the Omni-Directional Antiproton Beam Array and the Obelisk Subspace Rift Warp Core from "Sphere of Influence" for an extra 10% Antiproton Damage?

Well, I am rather a Carrier kinda Guy. I have two favorite Ships on P'Triq for that purpose:
  • R.R.W. Acinaces Catus, a Tulwar Dreadnought featuring Tetryon Weapons, the Nukara Appropriated Munitions Set incl. the Nukara Webmines. It is equipped for deadly use of Gravity Wells and scrambles advanced Romulan Drone Ships.
  • R.R.W. Astrum Pugna, a Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier featuring a Mk XII Jem'Hadar Space Set and Mk XII Polarons Weapons. Its two Hangar Bays scrambles Elite Scorpion Fighters and Elite Tholian Widow Fighters.
Both Ships do serve me well in PvE. You'll forgive me, if I do not reveal my PvP Ship build here. Wink
(11-14-2013, 09:34 PM)Chris Wrote: PS:> I have seen your Tulwar in action and it works well, but you don't seem to run the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought very often. I'd love to run some content with that ship at my side, it looks mean!
As a matter of fact, I was planing on taking my JHDC into the Dyson Sphere today and look for the differences. Maybe we can do some stuff together then.
It looks good to me! I also would maybe suggest looking into replacing the Dual beam array with the chroniton dual beam array. That's what I plan on doing with my antiproton cruiser (when I decide which one would be good with my tac) in tandem with the tachy console in torpedo to get temporal inversion field.
Here's the current Fleet Avenger build I'm running. Just the visual side, but most know it well enough. I'll go into the skill planner tomorrow and add the details then. Of course it is subject to change. I think my Excelsior is going to shift to the Dyson set, but we'll see how that goes.

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Here's the planner link. It will be updated again when I get home. I can't dig out the name of that universal console I have in one of the tac slots for the life of me.

And the Excelsior Polaron build that has worked so well...

Hey guys! Since I made it to tier 4 on the dyson reputation, I thought I would use the gear (or most of it) unlocked so far. I reverted back to my Fleet T'Varo for this build. Tier 4 unlocks Protonic Polaron weapons so I chose the Jemhadar Mk 12 Deflector and Shield (for dominion synergy and bonus to Flow Capacitors) while using the Dyson Engines to add 2.5 to Engines, Shields, and Auxiliary. I am using an Elite Fleet Singularity core that adds to both Engines and Shields and gives a 3.3% damage increase for each system above 80 (I can get three of my systems up that high easily). Up front I have three Protonic Polaron DHC's and the Gravimetric Photon Torpedo. In the back, I have two Phased Polaron turrets (that way I am constantly also having a 2.5% to knock out a system) and the Dyson Experimental Proton Weapon. My tactical consoles are 4 mk 12 rare polaron consoles. My science consoles are the Zero-Point Conduit (Romulan Rep), Proton Particle Stabilizer (Dyson rep), and a mk xi fleet flow capacitor console from the embassy to decrease my threat since I'm so small and adds a small plasma proc to my weapons. My engineering consoles are the Assimilated Module (Omega Rep), Plasmonic Leech, and the Shield Absorptive Frequency Generator that adds a 2.5% chance that my shields will be healed 200% of what the damage inflicted on an enemy. As you can see from my pic my weapons have quite a few side effects Big Grin. 4 of my 5 bridge officers have superior romulan operative so I have a crit chance of just under 20% (which means my protonic weapons have a good chance of using their bonus) and a severity of 99%. My boff powers are pretty standard except I have Energy Siphon I just to be an extra pain to bigger ships. It seems to be working out so far. What do you guys think?

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Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays this courier from the swift completion of their appointed rounds

Meet the Andraste:

Some ships are tanks, some ships are healers. The Andraste? The Andraste's the mailman; she delivers the damage.

You know how this goes:

Four Disruptor Dual Heavy Cannons [CritD]x3
Two Disruptor Turrets [CritD]x3
One Kinetic Cutting Beam
All the dead borg.

Right now she does 9k-11k DPS happily with a maximum spike north of 40k, and with the new spire consoles that has no where to go but up. Between those, the tacyokinetic converter and the romie tac boff to come, I should easily squeeze out another 16% DPS. And then there's the little matter of a plasmonic leach console...
Cleared T5 Dyson Rep last night.

This is the finished Dyson build. Haven't quite reached it in all areas just yet. The DHCs are still just blues, but the change is simple enough.
This makes a VERY resilient ship. Hull points pushed up to just under 60,000. Hull regen rate is 180%.

I'm sure there's better, but this is a build that is relatively easy to reach compared to some and it works very well! Enjoy!

Disabled the Assimilated Console visuals so the Dyson effects are clear. Not bad.

Arise thread!

So basically I am looking for advice as I have been out of the loop for a while and need to get my ship all shiny again in preperation for the Fleet variant coming out in a week. Here is my build with some notes

Thanks guys.
Hi Blakmage,
My recommendation would be to trade some of that armor for a fleet rcs. with all those canon, and 0 turning ability it's going to be hard to aim . otherwise you would depend a lot on that subspace jumper.

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