Legion Accolade Hunt in Featured Episodes!
Hi all,

as you may know by now, the Featured Episodes from the Featured Series can be replayed for Bonuses and Lobi Crystals until December 5th, 2013.
On your very first Featured Episode you earn 15 Lobi Crystals on the Account Level. As you may know, you can team up in some of these missions to get Accolades from other Career objectives.

As I am the Legion Admiral, I intend to set up some Events for the Legion to replay these missions:
Missions from Cloaked Intentions aka Freedom / Romulan Mystery Missions from The 2800 aka Cardassian Struggle / Dominion Domination
Just let me know, if you like the idea, want to participate and what Career the character will be, that you will use.
Yes, I want to participate, actually 2 Biba's, Tac/Rom and Sci/Rem are ready for it!
I do too... but have a WHOLE SLEW of characters, two of each in each race, but only one Sci/KDF.

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