Reputation Sponsorship in Season 8
Hi y'all,

I just had the opportunity to check some Tribble Patch Notes and I made a fantastic discovery called Reputation Sponsorship.
This is a nice feature, when you have maxed out a reputation. It will allow you to get double Reputation experience on your alternate Characters.
So instead of grinding for 5 weeks, you can get it done in half that time. Click here for details.
Thats pretty sweet! Loads of people will benefit from that, and the other load will probably curse cryptic for not doing it sooner lol
I saw this too. I'm not going to lie, I'm happy I really didn't work too hard on my other toons. This will make life so much easier.

Okay, my old sci fed will like that, as he has next to no rep. Mon'T and Montisek will also benefit. Montara has some work to do

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I think this is a great idea, especially since my main character is the only one I've spent much time on as far as reputation. I've got 6(!) other toons that I need to start grinding for and this will make it a lot easier.
Wish they did it sooner... would've saved myself a lot of time on the 3 alts =(
But I will have to change my tactics for rep - I don't have the bank space to do 4 at once, especially at higher tiers.

I'm thinking omega plus one more, depending on the char and what they need (if the new rep has something they need, for example ) and then do the other two afterwards.

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I will definitely only focus on temal, get him to t5 in the spire rep, and only then will i start working on the others (with the cheaper rep)
Pushing Zane through at a decent clip now. He's at at least T3 in everything and past T4 on two.

My two favorite things about the Sponsorship system are that it came along not long after I finally got one of my toons to tier five Romulan Reputation, and it isn't time limited, so I can do it when I want and can take time out for things like Sphere of Influence or the Winter Event without losing anything. That's much better than the choices I kept having to make the last few weeks between doing reruns of Sphere of Influence in order to get those Antiproton Beams that people are paying an arm and a leg for on the Exchange or running the Featured Series in order to get the special rewards for my toons who didn't have them and to get the daily batch of Lobi Crystals. As it was, I split my time between the two projects and, as a result, ended up with less Energy Credits and less Lobi Crystals than I could have had if both of those projects hadn't been time limited.

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