Show off your Ships!
We all have our favorite hull that just flat out makes us feel good to see flying through the stars. So for a little fun and entertainment (and likely a few desktop backgrounds too) take a screen shot of your favorite ship and post it here.

Only two rules- 1) It must be a ship you own. 2) Close the UI out before you take your screen shot. (Shift+F12 if you haven't done that before. F12 restores it)

It does not matter if you are an old veteran player or a new Captain with one ship. Stage it, shoot it, share it.

Have fun! Live Long and Prosper


Sometimes it's like I fly too much in her, but I love my little birdie! Big Grin

There's also other birdie that second Biba loves (carrier version)
Full Elite space set with vet texture tact ody

(10-20-2013, 02:47 AM)Mayhem3000 Wrote:
Elachi set from the Lobi store on this one? Interesting idea.


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