Fleet Ranks
I need to change the fleet ranks around a bit, curious to see if anyone has ideas. Right now we have:

1) Cadet - 2 week probation
2) Crewman - Players below Rear Admiral rank
3) Officer - Players at or above Rear Admiral
4) Veteran - Someone who has been with the fleet for over a year (hard to track)
5) Elite - Someone who has been with the fleet for over a year and has shown initiative
6) Admiral - Players with special fleet responsibilities
7) Fleet Admiral - Leader (me)

I want to keep Cadet, Admiral, and obviously Fleet Admiral. This means I need four ranks (spots 2 - 5) to fill the rest of it. Any ideas are welcome. I can't promise I'll use all the ideas, but its a good way to brainstorm and put something together that will work nicely.

How about....

1) Cadet-2 week Probation
2) Crewman - General Fleet member of any rank that just wants to play
3) First Officer - Someone who has been with the fleet for at least 6 months
4) Veteran - Someone who has been with the fleet for at least 1 year
5) Captain - Someone in the fleet who has taken on responsibilitys of some nature, aka dedicated recruiter or similar,
6) Admiral - Someone in the Fleet who is helping with running it on a day to day basis, like a counsel or secondary head of a guild
7) Fleet Admiral - Leader (you)

Edit: Forgot to say but an easy way to keep track of fleet time would be to either have a thread that you posted in when each new member had joined or just use the date they joined this forum.
For this, I have a different way to deciding ranks after Cadet and Crewman. Instead of ranks being decided upon whether they have reached Admiralty, or length of time with the fleet, I propose a system where rank is decided by involvement and development within the fleet.
Thus, Cadets would progress to Crewman after the normal 2 weeks; progressing further is dependant on their activity and development, whether it be helping lower levels out, regularly posting in forums, regularly attending fleet events, donating to the fleet bank, or any other method deemed worthy of promotion Tongue

I like Blackmage's idea of a "second in command," with this in mind, I would like to submit my candidacy Smile
With that idea in mind, here are my thoughts:

7) Fleet Admiral
6) Vice Admiral (helps run the fleet including administrative duties, reports to the Fleet Admiral Tongue)
5) Admiral (Higher officer ranks given when available to a member who submits the best candidacy: to be given roles such as Ambassador, Military, KDF Liason etc. Reports to the VA Tongue)
4) Captain (Members who have shown extraordinary commitment to the Fleet)
3) Officer (Members who show increasing commitment and development in the Fleet at Crewman level)
2) Crewman (Given to members after a 14 day period after joining the fleet)
1) Cadet (Given to those new to the Fleet)

If a Vice Admiral is not needed (of course then I will be happy to remain as the Fleet Ambassador, I love the job and enjoy what I do a lot! lol Big Grin Big Grin) then this is my other idea

7) Fleet Admiral (Leader)
6) Admiral (Higher Officer Ranks)
5) Captain
4) Commander
3) Officer
2) Crewman (After 14 day probationary period)
1) Cadet (New Members)

There is a lot to explain about both Rank ideas, and I would love to discuss them in detail (on request of course) but I don't want to clog up the forum Smile

Also, can I suggest a "WELCOME" board on our forums, to welcome those who are new to the fleet? This may also help keep a track of who is new when etc so we can promote them to the appropriate rank after 14days and really to publicly make them feel welcome to our family Smile
Just a weird idea and feel free to say no, but do we really need to have fleet ranks? Why not have Departments?

7) CnC
6) Secretary of the Fleet
5) Under Secretary of the Fleet
4) Asst Secretary of the Fleet
3) Chief of Fleet Operations
2) Crew
1) Cadet
RDML S.B. Boillot
USS Persistant
I personally like Jstagg's idea. He seems to be a little more fair to members, both vets and f2pers, to have the opportunity to rise to a higher rank.
I'll look over all the ideas. If anyone has additional thoughts feel free to keep posting them.

Here is my idea. Departments of different operations mix with Attilio idea. (I don't where this would feet in.) They would be officers and have to be good at what they do. There job would be to help other members with skills in the same operation.
Head Tactical, Head Engineering, Head Science, Head Medical
Assistant Tactical, Assistant Engineering, Assistant Science, Assistant Medical
Alright so I've looked at all of your ideas and I tried combining them. I came up with the following 7 ranks:

1) Cadet - 2 week probation
2) Crewman - After probation
3) Officer - A Crewman who is active in the fleet, shows iniative, and wants to improve the quality of the fleet.
4) Captain - An Officer who takes extra steps towards improving the fleet.
5) Flag Officer - Department Heads
6) Admiral - 2nd in Command
7) Fleet Admiral - Leader

Under the Flag Officer rank will be different departments.
  • Chief of Operations - Handles day to day operations such as events and recruitment.
  • Chief Science Officer - Expert of science officers
  • Chief Tactical Officer - Expert of tactical officers
  • Chief Engineering Officer - Expert of engineering officers
  • Inter-Faction Delegate - Keeps things up to date between factions.
  • Head of Forums - Someone who manages the fleet section of the forums. Makes sure people join and have access, etc.[/list:u]

    I didn't put any departments for ships because the Klingon and Federation faction are so different when it comes to ships that for now I won't have departments for them. I'm trying to keep the ranks and department as simple as possible so it works in both factions.

    If anyone has additional department ideas feel free to post them with a description and I'll consider it.

    I also had the idea of promotion ceremonies. We could hold them at the beginning of each month or whenever necessary. These would be promotions for anything above Crewman.

    Let me know what you guys think of all this. Thanks.

    EDIT: Also, I want to fill all departments before getting a 2nd in command. When I'm ready to promote someone to that position I'll make an announcement.

Hey, I know I am new around here, but would like to say I like the look of that setup, and if there is anything I can do to help feel free to ask. I would love to help out in anyway I can.

Thanks Jodos(Jeff)

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