How do you do dmg with your nebula?
This is a question for those of you flying nebulas or fleet nebulas. I finally got tired of flying my wells, and I can't stand the look of the breen ship, so I switched to the fleet nebula.

I wanted to run a canon nebula, using only phasers and torps, but it only has 2 consoles. Fortunately, Temal is already T5 in Omega and has the Mk 12 sets, but I feel like I wouldn't do enough damage if I wanted to run an STF. Is the only way to make the ship respectable by using plasma and the plasma infused embassy sci consoles?

On another note, I wish we could run a galaxy skin on the fleet ambassador. I would be all over that!
The trick is to use the science-y skills to do a bit of damage but also set up yourself to do more damage - it has way more than 2 consoles..............just not TAC consoles! Load up with particle gens and flow caps, drain those spheres like oranges. Good thing with this approach - everyone on the team then is able to do more damage.

It's a science ship (I believe!) not an escort - so use those strengths.
You can set it up running as a transphasic torpedo boat. Usually the best way to get the highest DPS without losing out on the science front, which uses your aux power, since torpedos doesn't require high weapon power. I run 2x cluster transphasic torpedo(breen mission), along with the experimental plasma, romulan plasma torpedo, transphasic mines(you can replace this with something else if you don't like mines), rapid transphasic torpedo(breen mission). Running 3 vr projectile doff should allow you to fire off the romulan plasma torpedos like nobody's business.
Very much looking forward to trying a setup similar to yours Chris once I'm back - got a FSM I've been saving for a FAE but I'm probably going to get a Fleet Nebby instead and have some fun in that.
Thanks for the responses. I tried plasma beam arrays and ended up with fleet plasma dbb's and turrets. I sit back at 9 km and just fire beams and lob the romulan plasma torps.

I ended up with plasma since I could use two of the plasma infused sci consoles. This made my ship have almost three tac plasma consoles.
The Plasma Infused consoles can really boost damage for other guns too - you might try those with Tetryon beams to get the bonuses for both dropping shields as well as DoT from the plasma burn, then once shields are down you'll do even more with your torps. I use something similar by having those ++plasma burn sci consoles on my carriers and having pets who do tetryon as well. Also, I would love to fly with that Nebula on my team in an STF. Smile

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