(08-22-2013, 10:48 PM)Wonvertu Wrote: Means I'm not the only old fogey in the game. Smile
No I guess not, just mean we need to stick together with all these younger people running around LOL
For those that haven't had the pleasure, here is Montata and her crew. Resistance isn't even contemplated!

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(09-01-2013, 06:49 PM)Monty Wrote: For those that haven't had the pleasure, here is Montata and her crew. Resistance isn't even contemplated!
HOe HOe HOe!!! Marry CHRISTMAS!!!! Smile
Hey guys, I'm Ben, and I'm new to the fleet. Just recently joined. So far, just poked around a bit on the fleet base and explored what it has to offer.

I've been a long time player of STO, though only semi-regularly. Never really gotten involved with a fleet before, so this'll be a new experience. I've been playing off-and-on since the beta.

I play a Vice Admiral Bajoran Engineering Captain flying a Tactical Escort Retrofit: [email protected]_TK17. Sorry, if you don't agree with a ENG flying an Escort; not sure if it's the best choice...but what's not to like about a Defiant? I grew quite found of my Assault Cruiser, but then the opportunity arose to try-out a cloaking ship and I couldn't pass that up.

For the curious, here's my current loadout:
Burn the non-tacticalinanescort-believer!!

Hehe welcome to the fleet(s) Ben! Doesn't matter what you fly when you boil it down so long as you have fun Smile
I'm getting more on to that page, tbh. As long as you're doing what you do well, or learning something new, it's all good!
I don't know that I'm necessarily doing it well; but, I am enjoying it. Though the Odyssey is also up there as one of my favs, esp. against Borg with my enhanced Borg damage weapons...though I could probably stand to be better at that, too. Guess there's always room to improve.
Well it occurred to me that even though I've been in the fleets for a couple of months now I never posted here on the forums to say hello and introduce myself. Better late than never!

Most of you know me as @lsloan31 but my actual name is... Connar! I was pretty late to the STO party as I couldn't afford to sub when the game first came out and I banned myself whilst at university because I would have probably gamed away 3 years of education! In-game you can find me as Connar or Varek in the Militia (human and big, weird, freaky alien respectively) or as Pen'Thral or S'Nareev in the Legion (big, badass, cape & eyepatch wearing alien Borg killer or scrawny Reman respectively!). I'm always up for a cheeky STF and I love anything as a fleet team be it Hive Elite or mission replay. I got a lot of help when I first started the game so if you're new to STO/the fleets and want someone to run mission with or help getting gear and learning new things hit me up - I'm here to help Happy

Out of the game I'm just about to start my first real job! I graduated last year with a dual degree in astrophysics and geology and in just over a week I will start for a company called National Grid working in property management. It has some boring bits such as looking after office property portfolios and selling on what the company no longer needs. It also has some awesome bits such as looking after contaminated land the company owns (mostly from decommissioned nuclear and gas power plants) and helping to remediate the contamination it so the land can be used again. I'm a true sci-fi fan at heart with a big collection of DVDs/blu rays, models, autographs and memorabilia from conventions to do with everything from Battlestar Galactica to Trek (signed box of All Bran from Bill Shatner = greatest possession I own, if you don't know what I'm talking about take a look at this!

You can normally find me on Defera or anywhere else there are Borg to be had, don't be shy and say hello! Even those of you who know me already which is quite a few of you!

Live Long and Prosper
Astrophysics? So you rolled a sci toon?

(09-17-2013, 05:03 PM)Monty Wrote:
Astrophysics? So you rolled a sci toon?

I did when I finally got a RRF guy but its barely used. All of my prized possessions are on my two mains (Connar and Pen'Thral) and they take up all of my game time as it is! I do admit to having a little army of Astro and Geology doffs Tongue

(09-18-2013, 10:02 AM)Alaesie Wrote: Usually you find me online from 8pm - 1am CET doing well... various things Rolleyes

Wouldn't happen to involve killing Borg would it? Happens to be one of my favourite in-game activities too! Smile

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