Hey, I'm glad to join you all. I've only been playing STO for about a year, and only intensly for the last few months. My main is a TOS Gorn, [email protected] Coming to this game late feels a bit weird, as there are systems upon systems encrusted on top of each other, but untangling them is rewarding, and I'm a sucker for getting to play with starships.
I grew up watching TNG, and rewatching all the series in order has been remarkably soothing over the last year. Now I have this addiction as well, but it's better than drugs (if not necessarily cheaper).

Greetings one and all.  My main toon is Mordid but I usually am running 9 of 10 or Jof.  I am on most every day from 8:30pm to 10:30 PM EST to run TFOs and episodes.  Would love to have some company so please let me know your on and we can team up. Mordid is now at level 15 R&D on beams and working on shields next so he is my crafter.  Hit him up if you need something and I will do what I can.  

Anyway.  love to get to know some folks here.  bit lonely doing the grind solo..
Hello everyone, my STO name is Ben [email protected] I've been playing STO off and on for about 6 years been never really seriously. This time I've decided to give it a go fully and invest time and resources. I'm hoping to be more social with the game as well and hope to meet many of you in-game. Even though I've been playing for a bit I'm still not sure on some things and have many questions still. I'm logged in most every day from noon to midnight EST.
Hello everyone, I'm glad to have joined the fleet! I've been playing STO on and off since it first came out and am looking to have fun with everyone. My handle in game is John [email protected] Feel free to add me in game, I would enjoy playing some story missions or PVE TFOs with anyone.
Greetings All, 
I am just getting back into STO after a long hiatus and thought I would join a fleet.  In game I go by Trencher.   I am an older player and sometimes won't have the time to play but that is usually a temporary situation.   I am looking forward to working with you all and hope to get better at the combat portions.
Hi all,
New here and new to STO.  Having a blast so far, but still have alot to learn.  Looking forward to it.

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