Hey, I'm glad to join you all. I've only been playing STO for about a year, and only intensly for the last few months. My main is a TOS Gorn, [email protected] Coming to this game late feels a bit weird, as there are systems upon systems encrusted on top of each other, but untangling them is rewarding, and I'm a sucker for getting to play with starships.
I grew up watching TNG, and rewatching all the series in order has been remarkably soothing over the last year. Now I have this addiction as well, but it's better than drugs (if not necessarily cheaper).

Greetings one and all.  My main toon is Mordid but I usually am running 9 of 10 or Jof.  I am on most every day from 8:30pm to 10:30 PM EST to run TFOs and episodes.  Would love to have some company so please let me know your on and we can team up. Mordid is now at level 15 R&D on beams and working on shields next so he is my crafter.  Hit him up if you need something and I will do what I can.  

Anyway.  love to get to know some folks here.  bit lonely doing the grind solo..

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