Hi all, Raquel [email protected] Kinyenya main Raquel Katherine Janeway @Kinyenya alternate characted to this fleet from my prior fleet on my alt awhile back was impressed with the fleet so also tagged my main (that was hard cause of my officer status for years in other fleet but .. Thank you for the invite I know I been in fleet a few weeks befcore getting on here.  In prior fleet I was an officer for years but no one was ever on anymore and I was literally the last gal standing but make no mistake " I will blow up this ship before I allow anyone to have it"
I hope to have many adventures in game with you
HI all,
[email protected] which is my main.  I've been playing STO since around 9/2013.  I played for a couple of years and life decided I needed to stop.  I recently came back a few weeks ago and so much has changed.  I thank you for the invite and look forward to playing with all of you.  It's my hope to be a contributing member of the fleet and do all I can to help.

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