Grom? In translation from Croatian (and few other Slavic languages) it means Thunder Big Grin

maybe your friends were right before, but Cryptic has made amazing progress so far.

Welcome to STO Academy Fleets! Wink

Jolan Tru!

(05-28-2014, 06:41 PM)Xhopeon Wrote: Grom? In translation from Croatian (and few other Slavic languages) it means Thunder Big Grin

maybe your friends were right before, but Cryptic has made amazing progress so far.

Welcome to STO Academy Fleets! Wink

Jolan Tru!

Ha , Thunder .... i like it Big Grin

thanks for the welcome !!!
Hello everyone,

Just joined the fleet. Really happy to be here.
I am a 24-year-old long-time Trekkie; I started watching TOS when I was 5 with my father. I have seen all that there was to be seen several times (I have all the DVDs for all series/movies) and read probably over 100 Trek books over the years.
I have been playing STO on/off for 4 years as I am often time-limited due to work/studies/family etc.
I am a tactical officer with a Tactical Odyssey which I enjoy flying.

Thanks again for allowing me in your fleet,
Greetings all,

My name is Zaiviys (Ryan IRL) and I am a 35yr old newly married (8 months yesterday) guy from Maryland. Smile I just joined the fleet a day or so ago, so Hello there! from the newbie. I've been playing RPGs and MMOs for a number of years now (D&D, AD&D, D&D 3.0, 3.5, GURPS, Star Wars, Star Trek, WhiteWolf, WOW, SWG, Guild Wars, SW:TOR) so clearly I hate them, right? Smile

I have 3 toons at this point as I am F2P.
1. Zaiviys - Fed Tac officer, just hit Capt. on him.
2. and 3. are more "testing" characters, my Fed Eng is to help my wife start playing. Might keep as an alt, might not. The third is a Romulan Sci. Just created him and haven't done anything with him yet. He will be going Fed, though. Smile

I'm a huge Star Wars fan and big Star Trek fan. I watched the re-runs of TOS when I was a kid, then grew up with TNG, DS9 and VOY. Might need to watch Enterprise, but we'll see.

Looking forward to seeing you all in-game!


UPDATE: Zai is now my Romulan Sci (level 12-ish) joined KDF.
Vex is my Fed Tac (level 25)
Code is my Fed Eng (level 2) toon for when my wife decides to play so I can tank for her. Smile

Thank you so much for let me joining this fleet. (Feel excite to play with professional players).
My name is Khrissana Arthur Sereratana, captain of U.S.S Mikasa.
This is my only character in Star Trek Online. 

In my real life, my first impression toward to Star Trek was on Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country. I loved U.S.S Excelsior much when I was a small boy. (Watching VHS with my dad).

Anyway, thank you again and I will do my best for fleet.

Khrissana, Master Explorer
STO Academy Militia, rank: Captain
Captain of U.S.S. Nostromo, U.S.S. Lansen, U.S.S. Kraken, U.S.S. KruzenshternÂ
Thank you for letting me join. First thing first, garret is an online alias of mine from my grandfather's name. You can call me by that or eric. Wow you have a great looking fleet here. Really wasn't expecting such a advanced group. I have several characters in the game Tora is my romulan science. I don't get to play as much as I would like but any trek time is a good time. I hope to learn more about the game as I don't know how I do as good as I do lol.
Greetings STOA! My name is Matt and I'm returning to the game after a long break. How long? Last I played the Omega rep was the only rep we had to worry about lol. Now there are a lot and I'm way behind. I managed to pick up some Borg ship equipment but that is about all.  My character is Davert Palder and he is intended to be a healing science officer. I'll be tinkering around with the skill calculator as well as researching online and in game how to adjust his skills and the best gear/equipment so he can be of good use. If you see me online chances are I'm up for running anything I can get into as far as rep runs. I look forward to gaming with you all Smile
Hi all,
I joined the fleet back in 2012 and haven't played for about a year or so. Now that I'm coming back, I will rejoin the fleet also. Cool
-Incoming mission from deep space-

My exploration has ended.  I return to the worlds I know and love.  Much has changed in my absence from the transmissions I have seen and it seems I will have much to relearn.  However it is time again to go forth in defense of the Federation.

-End Transmission-

Seriously though I'm back (once the update finishes patching.....)  Cant wait to catch up and looks like I need to do some leveling.
Messor's back, there goes the neighborhood and we just got it all nice and clean lol

Welcome back. Its been too long


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