I haven't seen this thread posted so I thought I'd start it.

Greetings everyone! A little about myself and the STO. I've played STO starting right after Beta and played till just before the foundry was released. Started up again just before the release of F2P when they asked us vets to come back and play. So I'm an old player but pretty much a noob with all the changes. Speaking of old I'm 58 yrs old married and I live in Florida, USA and have been gaming for a long time. Played Eve online for a long time plus several others. If you need help and see me online please feel free to ask. I have 3 Fed toons and 2 KDF toons all are in either STO Academy or Sto Akademy, just look on the fleet listings for @Aellyn.

Welcome to all the new players and returning vets I think we have a great fleet and want to thank Attilio for all his super work on the website and with the fleet in general! I feel we have a great bunch of players very friendly and willing to help which makes the game more fun and interesting to play.
Hey, I'm Kairu. That's my newest alias for a few years now. I first player STO back when the big "deluxe" package came out. I used a 10-day trial on myself ^_^ Afterwards, I think there was a f2p weekend at one point? So I played that which is why when I actually returned I was up to Lt. Cmdr. I believe. I have two charries made. One is my Andorian who has my alias, Kairu. The other is a KDF human look-a-like by the name of Rhykim.

I run a Legend of Zelda roleplaying forum and Rhykim is from the custom created island Tongue I'm 19 and live in Virginia, USA. Other games I've played, minus the aforementioned Zelda series, are Champions Online, I tried DC Universe Online, and I've tried World of Warcraft (not a big fan of it). One thing about me is that, if I'm given the right moment, I tend to talk and ramble, like I just noticed I'm doing now. Tongue If it gets on your nerves, just politely tell me that I'm rambling and I'll stop Tongue I use abuse smilies, as I'm sure you noticed. I do it a lot in the in-game chat too. Again, just a quirk about me xD
Hello, I go by the alias Blakmage86 most of the time online but either I had an account on STO that I forgot about or someone else took it for whatever reason on here lol. Anyways I am 25, live in Iowa, and work a swing shift at the local factory so I am on at wildly varying times depending on which shift I am currently on.
Hi all. I'm Giuseppe, i'm 30, and came from Italy. After the releasing of STO as F2P I decide to join just to test it becausa I'm a great fan of Star Trek. I think this game is great. So, after googling I land here.

This is a great resource of guides, advices, walkthrough.

Thank's to Attilio for let me in in this fleet. I hope to spend some time together. I'm online from 19.00 to 21.00 and, if my GF allow me to play :lol: , to 22.00 to 23.30. All time is GMT +1.

Sorry for my bad English.
Hail fleeties o/
My name is Doug and Im about 37 living in Glasgow in the UK. Ive just started in STO and Im still figuring stuff out but Im loving it so far Smile
Ive played a few mmos (though not wow - never wow ! :lol: ) starting with the StarWars Galaxies when it first released and later Vanguard which flopped, and then onto EvE Online which I still adore but just dont have the huge hours required to play it. I finished with eve back in september, and have been mostly hitting Skyrim and Battlefield 3 in the duration and had a run on the beta of SW:the old republic (which I found pretty generic).

When I saw STO had gone F2P I figured I would give it a try as F2P means if I cant play for a few weeks I dont feel like Im wasting my subscription. Im so glad I did, Ive been really surprised by the complexity and how much configuration you can have in you ship and its crew - its great to see this sort of thing can still happen outside of EvE !

Anyway, thanks for having me in the STO Academy, I look forward to hanging out and flying with everyone. As I say Im in the UK so generally run on european game times, but as I work a janky rotating shift pattern it varies around mornings or early evenings and occasionally late nights (GMT).

And a bit about my toon:
[email protected]
Federation, Bajoran female engineer
Current rank : LtCdr (11)
Current ship : Cruiser (1701-A type Wink ) 2x beams up front, 2x torps aft.
Im looking to have an all female hottie crew, think Sucker Punch...there, nothing wrong with that Smile

Alright, see ya in space o7
Hey, this is Mike. I'm 35, live in Memphis TN and I'm usually on for a couple hours around 8CST (GMT-6) each night, more one the weekends. I'm new to STO with Free to Play but I've been loving the game so far. I'm a big fan of space naval fiction of whatever sort so STO gives me a chance to take me, my crew and my ship up against whatever the universe has for me. I'm something of an altoholic so I've got four characters in various stages from Lt. Commander up to Captain. If you see any of the following on @wargamer1976 say hello.

Helena - Human Engineer - working on a modern 25th century crew/uniforms. Currently captain of the U.S.S. Leyte Gulf, former captain U.S.S. Jutland, U.S.S. Tsushima, U.S.S. Granicus.
Citik - Benzite Science - same as above, modern uniforms, captain U.S.S. Nero Wolf, former Captain U.S.S. Hercule Poirot, U.S.S. Watson.
Honor - Human Tactical - uniforms are TNG movie era Captain U.S.S. Montoya
Michael - Human Tactical Cruiser Captain - Wrath of Khan (KHAAAAAAAAN) uniforms. I'm also trying to do an RP log as Michael develops. Same ship, different iterations etc. He captains the U.S.S. Lion, currently the Lion-A, a Constitution Class refit, ship is nicknamed The Nasty Kitty.
Greetings fellow Fleet Officers!

My name is Andrew, I live in Northern Minnesota and have been waiting a long time to start my career as a Starfleet Captain lol. I played warcraft for a long time and my wifey put the kabosh on me paying for two MMO's at once even though I had been following STO since development. Needless to say, I quit playing wow about the same time the f2p was announced for STO but decided to wait to see how it all panned out. Well on Jan 17th I started playing and decided that it was more than worthy of me putting some money into lol. After learning more about the game, and playing a couple chars up to VA I felt I was ready to join a fleet. I've got to say I think I made the right choice with STO Academy Smile The people are friendly, the conversations are fun, and the comradery actually seems to exist!

Anyway (sorry I can be long winded at times) if you happen to be looking for me in-game you'll find me on @Cpc2011 playing one of the following:

Yash - Fed Alien Eng
Sariana - Fed Betazoid Tac
Sironal - Fed Alien Sci
C'Ratte - Fed Caitian Eng
Felona - KDF Orion Eng

And I have 3 more char slots that are currently empty lol.

Well Gentlemen (and I'm sure some Ladies too) always remember "Second star to the right…and straight on ’til morning."
As an addition to my previous introduction a "picture" of me at the bar tonight. One of the other guys there drew it and I thought it was pretty sweet.
Whatsup Fleetmates!

My name is Paul, I also go by MadSlick, name I use in most if not all games I play.

I'm 32 yrs old and from southern california. I havent been playing STO for a long time, maybe 3-4 months total, But I do really enjoy it. I am very glad to be part of a "real" fleet and not one of those fleets that randomly invites everybody lol.

Besides STO the majority of my gaming time is taken up by Call of duty on ps3 and xbox. GT on both is MadSlick2517. Besides playing COD I also record my gaming and post commentaries on Youtube. I have done one previously on STO, and am planning on doing more as time goes on. If interested check out my channel If anyone has any questions for me drop me a line on here, on youtube or email <!-- e -Arrow<a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -Arrow and ill help as best i can.

Thanks for welcoming me to STO Academy and I hope we all have many fun adventures ahead of us.
Greetings fellow fleet members. I'm Warburton1881 in all my various incarnations. Right now I'm coming up on 400 days in STO, and 400 days in MMO gaming. I feel like I'm starting to be a veteran and to understand the game, at least up to a point. I know many of you have much more experience in the game and in MMOG's in general than I do, so if you ever see me giving somebody bad advice, feel free to say so.

My Fed characters are mostly Science Officers (Jim Browner, Selana, T'erree, John Paul and James Mortimer). I also have some Tactical Officers (Bob Warburton, Barbara Riddle, Aria whose last name I've forgotton) and an Engineer (Victor Hatherley). I have two KDF characters, a Tactical officer named K'Bamek and a Science Officer named Two of Twenty-One. If you notice any Sherlockian connections in the names of some of those characters, I assure you it is not accidental.

As of today, I became the Fleet Crafting Officer, so if you have any items you want crafted, contact me by in-game mail and I will be glad to make them for you.

Live long and prosper,


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