Why is playing with Ferasan so fun? (and Caitian)
Until I find out which pictures go where and re-upload them, here are some new!


While doing my practice jumping in First City, to pass time between STF's, I've came across another Ferasan (from FSF Fleet) that loves to jump as well! 

What a surprise!  Wink

He showed me awesome place to jump and get best view from above.





As usual, I was messing around until I fell down... and survived!


On the middle right part you can see Orion lady in skirt, with nothing under  Rolleyes


Good hunting!  Cool

Biba Ri'zakaar
Greetings all!

Here are few more reports of jumping and having fun (and spying).

There are still no suspicious actions going on on New Romulus, but just in case, it's good to have high view over everything



Sometimes kitty that we all have inside wins so we must play in sand, and there's no better place then Nimbus III
While jumping, I've found some lightning bug that makes it look like night:


And for last, but not least, question!

What makes jumping more fun?


Biba Ri'zakaar

P.S. I've updated all old posts, so if you haven't seen some older jumping screenshots, scroll up and enjoy!
Definitely have to agree, Jumping. Since I didn't know about the toon name generator on the site when I made my cat, I just named it Puddy Tat who flies the USS Meow Mix
Here are few from "Uneasy Allies" where I've managed to find hole in one of walls Wink 



Like in First City, you can fall down on the invisible floor and look around.
I've played mission few times, but until then didn't saw it was on same planet as "Colliseum" mission.


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