No Win Scenario - next level STO'ing
(09-04-2013, 10:24 AM)lsloan31 Wrote: Was part of a random discussion about super-fast, super dps team running ISE in just over 3 minutes and after watching the youtube video (apologies for not remembering who posted it in channels) I clicked onto the users youtube channel to discover this:

Along with other a few other eye opening videos. I know there are a lot of fleet events going on with all the dailies, PvP coming up next week but I thought I'd throw this out there anyways since I know some folks run NWS on a semi-regular basis. So...

Watch the video, feel like we could have a stab at this ourselves? Certainly a good thing to see it actually done by a team/know its possible and not just a myth. I have the handle of the person who made the video so I'm going to drop an ingame mail to get some tips on boff abilities, ships and gear. I'd be over the moon just to get to level 8 on this thing and get one of the titles!
The Admiralty is actually working on the perfect method to beat the NWS. Several approaches are known already, but we are looking for the most efficient way. Once it's figured out, it will be shared of course. However, any inputs are of course appreciated.

Oh and believe me, people will want to do the NWS in the future as well as Into the Hive / Hive Onslaught. Wink

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