No Win Scenario - next level STO'ing
IMO, communication is key to playing. With voice communication, its that much easier. You won't need uber gears to finish this, though it's a plus to have better ships to do more efficient damage/healing to win. All the ships involved would have to be set up with the right boffs before starting off too.
I would recommend anyone attempting this to read up on the walkthrough available on the stowiki to familiarize themselves with the mission.
Voice chat will be a requirements to do NWS with the fleet.

As for strategy, everyone should familiarize themselves with it, however when we first attempt it with the fleet I'll be going over it with the team as much as possible. Need to drill it into their heads Tongue

What is the status on this? I'd like to give it a try sometime on the weekend.

This is something we've discussed briefly in chat recently. With all the events we are running now, plus the focus on getting another season of War Games going it's kind of been on the back burner. I'd love to get a team together and run this at some point though. It's a lot of fun and a great place to farm for loot.
Pretty much what martinison said. My plan was to get a team together to complete it, then expand to the rest of the fleet so everyone gets a chance to complete it. Hopefully we get to do this one day, maybe after the next season of war games.


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