Hi everyone. Quick question, what does one do with passengers? On the duty officer window i seem to be compiling quite a few hitch hikers :}.

I believe there are duty officer assignments that let you use them.

Contraband can also be used in assignments. If you want to sell it then go ahead.

Some of the duty officer missions require you to send five colonists off to a new colony planet. You have to have the five colonists onboard in order to complete the mission. Similarly, some missions askyou to debrief a prisoner. If you don't have one in the Brig, you can't do the mission. Since both colonists and prisoners are housed separately from your crew, they don't count against your available Duty Officer slots, so there no detriment to having them onboard.

Refugees are a little different. They have skills which you can use in regular missions that don't require a certain type of Duty Officer. They also have their own missions in which your other officers are asked to aid the refugee. Because they are considered part of your crew, they do take up space on your roster, but there don't seem to be a lot of them in the game, so it isn't much of a problem to have them in your crew.
ChrisHerr - Contraband is used on a mission that starts at like 5, 65, 25, 5 percents from crit success to disaster, and among other things, rewards you with 2000 Dilithium upon success... I might be wrong: there might not be a crit success on this one... but it does give you 2000 dilithium reward.

I wasn't "trolling" btw, I came here to find out what the passengers were for as well, so thank you Warburton1881.
I would like to know how I can complete a duty officer assignment in regards to resettle colonists.
My mission is completed; however, when I click on the collect award tap, there is a message telling me that I have to many passengers. I just need to know what assignments I need to complete or do, so I can move on.
Or you can complete a doff mission to put the colonists in a new colony - it needs 5 colonists, 5 provisions and 1 medical supply.

Also on KDF, the contraband can be used in blackmail, framing and other such missions, not just handing it over. I've not seen another use on Fed chars for it other than turning in to 2k dili
You can also use passengers and prisoners on labor aid missions, which works out well with getting rid of the aggressive ones.

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