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Hey Fleet,

I was having a hard time deciding what ship equipment to buy/spend time getting and I could not find any comparison online of all the equipment sets. The wiki does have the omega rep sets side by side in screenshot form, but that format is not clear enough for me to make a decision and it does not include the set boni. Anyway, my characters also have access to our fleet equipment, the other episode/rep/lobi sets and very rare mk XII on the exchange. After starting to compile all the data I quickly decided that I needed to make it usable by the fleet. This would mean that I need to find all the stats that are affected by the ship and character and isolate that effect. Any ideas on how to do this?

So fleet correct me if I am wrong, but the stats that change are:
Flight Speed
Flight Turn Rate
Maximum Shield Capacity
Shield Regeneration

Attached is the beta.
.pdf   spacesets.pdf (Size: 37.12 KB / Downloads: 70)

So, fleet assistance is needed in five ways.
1. Look at the spreadsheet; Is it clear and usable? Do the stats match what you have?
2. Am I correct in the variable stat list?
3. What is the best way to display and find out the values of the variable stats?
4. What is the best way to display the Elite Fleet and exchange very rares? I want one column each.
5. Elite Fleet equipment stats? I can't seem to find them online



PS the wiki page
One notable thing that will also change are the subsystem power levels provided by Elite Fleet Engines. I believe it is a standard +3.8 when non-equipped but clearly this changes when you equip depending on your ships power levels.

I could certainly provide some specs regarding some equipment you don't have. You don't need to own it really to see the stats, if someone invites you to the Academy base (I believe their store has Elite Space Gear access) you can see all the stats there in the store without buying. Good idea you've got!

EDIT: I will give a more complete response in a little bit when I've had a flick through my bank to see what I own that could be useful to you.
Please also include the other rep sets, rommie and Tholian! Both can also be seen without buying them

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@lsloan31; Getting the stats from the ground seemed to solve a lot of problems.
@Monty; Done.


I've now collected all the data. The easiest way to solve to variable stats problem was to use the same setup; so, I scrapped all the variable data I found online and used my Fed all rep T5 character from the ground of the Academy's Starbase. (Thanks for the invite Xander Hunt) The only problem was the Lobi Jem'Hadar. (I used ratios to make a guess at the stats) I'd take Lobi donations if you want a precise answer.

So fleet take a look and give your opinion on format, readability, and clarity. If your really feeling generous, check the stats against what you have. Finally, did this help anyone? Did it change your opinion on one of the sets?

.pdf   spacesets2.pdf (Size: 43.03 KB / Downloads: 55)

-Rervi or Shoka or Sattasha

PS The ship I used was a Fleet Nebula
PPS should I post a skill planner of the setup?
First of all, thank you for your efforts.
I'm a bit confused. You have listed the Jem'Hadar Set and the "Lobi Jem'Hadar Set". The latter is essentially "only" a upgrade from Mk XI to Mk XII. Are you going to differentiate the other Sets as well? Or are those already at Mk XII values?
All the other sets are at the highest level available. I consider the lobi store to be a different animal and not something I plan to spend any time/money on. However, I wanted to be complete.
I would personally consider the lobi set and the regular Jem'Hadar gear one and the same and not worth two entries. As Paddy touched on it would be like having the stats for Mk X, XI and XII Omega Force in the chart which would be unnecessary since most people go straight for the 12. Actually, since its a bit of a speciality kit (mostly for those with JHDC/JHEC/JHAS/Galor) I'd put the stats for the Mk XI in since 99% of players with the kit have that variant of it.

This is great work, I'm glad you managed to find all of the stats on the ground easy enough. My only 'gripe' if you will is the layout. I know to make it PDF friendly you've divided it so but since its a comparison chart I'd prefer to have it as one large chart in landscape but thats easy for me to say since I have a large display to put such things on and for laptops etc it would be more tricky to see.

EDIT: typo.
@lsloan31; you are right.

The spreadsheet attached on one page.

.pdf   spacesetsonesheet.pdf (Size: 36.31 KB / Downloads: 57)

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