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Hello Fleet.
Today I am posting to you, to as your Opinion of how I am doing on my build.
So far I have not had any problems with it, But I wont to know what you guys think of it, Any Feedback at all is welcomed.
What I'm trying to do with this build is be what I call a "Beefy Cannon" in other words I wont to pump out some Deeps (DPS) and be able to tank/support the team if need be, now I know its not going to be like a Tac. Escort kind of damage, and I'm not trying to be full on tank neither.
I wont to be the guy that will pick up where one left off. like the escort dies, and we need more DPS, I just press a few buttons and I'm good. same with tank. Tank dies... I press a few buttons, and I'm good for a bit, you see where I'm going with this? Well anyway... just asking what you guys think of it.
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I don't see how your ship is going to be able to do much damage, as you only have one tac console. Also, your ship won't be able to tank well as it only has one neutronium. I don't like using two rcs consoles. That is valuable armor space. If you can afford it, and really want to keep the rcs consoles, I would look at getting the fleet ones that have hull hp or hull repair. Even better would be the neutronium ones that have bonus turn rate. These would make you more of a tank. I would take all three of those tac slots and put phaser relays in them, otherwise your DMG will be terrible.
With what it looks like you are trying to run, you might want to look at a fleet advanced heavy cruiser retro (excelsior). It has 4 slots for tac consoles and 4 engineering. Good for dps and tanking.
Keep in mind this is only one person's opinion, and if you love the odyssey, then run with it. Heck, I use a steamrunner even though the JHEC does everything better. Smile. Good luck!
I still think that a 'best of both worlds' set up ends up being useless at both roles.

Boff layout is also a big factor, as if you have enough abilities to even think of tanking, they will result in even less dps when you're trying to make the other ships explode.

Then comes the build - a tank without threat has little chance of keeping agro. An escort with threat is a good way to sit looking at the respawn timer.

One idea could be to have healing abilities that can be shared - eng team, hazard emit and transfer shield but be set up for dps. So if the tank is out you can help keep anyone up who has agro, including yourself.

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I would second the idea of putting out DPS with an emphasis on shared healing abilities. I've seen some ships fill the role you're talking about and tried myself on my Fleet Negh'Var but I'd need to spend a heck of a lot on doffs to make it possible.

Take from this what you will as I am (mainly) a Tactical officer running near purely escorts but the bread and butter of my trade are skills like Hazard Emitters, Transfer Shield Strength and Aux2SIF. Not only are these generally enough to keep my escort alive unless I pull a bit too much aggro and get in a storm, they can all be shared out. Strangely enough my Mobius probably sends out more heals than I have to apply to myself and of course I already have a native focus on damage output but I have a near enough identical setup of my Fleet Negh'Var (KDF Engineer) which can put out a ton of damage and still heal myself/others no problem. Probably the closest I can get to a 'Beefy Cannon' without dropping a couple hundred million ec of specialty doffs.
This game really needs a dual spec option, like WoW has. Tank or dps engi option, energy or torps tac option. PvE or PvP builds.

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Lsloan (or is it Isloan?) has captured my opinion best. On my second toon, I use an engineer on a steamrunner. The ship is rugged, but I can heal others and still do solid damage via cannons and torps.
Well... This is awesome, these opinions are just what I was looking for,
and after reading them, gave me some Ideas on what to do, and I thank
you for it.
Right now, the build is based of using Subsystem power, I don't wont to bore. you with the details but if done right, I have been able to live though a lot of stuff. for the dps, the bigger it is, there harder it is to kill, but that's normal game logic there.

Keep the thought comen' I like to see what you guys think Smile

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