2 Year Anniversary
The STO Academy's 2 year anniversary is quickly approaching and we need to party! We'll hold an event on the 22nd of February which is the birthday of the STO Academy.

Feb 22nd, 10:00am EST - Find the Fleet Leader on ESD for a Gekli Space pet
Feb 22nd, 12:00pm EST - Star Trek Trivia for an Exocomp Ground Pet
Feb 22nd, 2:00pm EST - Race Around DS9 for a Polytrinic Acid Attack Horta

To be fair to the entire fleet, you cannot win two prizes. If by some chance you win multiple prizes, you'll get 10,000 Energy Credits instead, and the prize will go to the next person who hasn't won anything.

If anyone has ideas of contests to play in the game please let me know.

Good idea! I'll add it to the list. As we get closer to the date we'll work on questions.

lol you never know

I like the hide and seek idea. It'd seem very challenging and for newer players, but not impossible by any means Tongue Although, I'd have to say, if a staff member was somewhere and no one found him (or her), they'd be awfully bored
I actually thought about PvP too and scrapped it as well lol

A drawing/random post could be interesting, but I want stuff we can do in game as a fleet.

The hide and seek idea is pretty good. We could do it on Risa. Its a big map and there are so many places to hide.

ground, its too easy to find someone in space Tongue lol

That will be around 10Am for me and I have class at 11:15AM-12:10PM.
So how long will it be.
Its around 10am for me as well. We'll try to do things throughout the entire day.

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