Secrets of the Ancients
How do i finish this mission? I have run the underground ruins several times. I contact D'Tan at the end and view the findings but it still says i have to view the findings. Is there something i'm doing wrong? Is there some kind of trick to get the mission to finish?
Is that one of the missions from the reputation mission? Refresh my memory and hopefully I can help lol

It's been a while since I did it, but normally Dtan talks, cool scenes then more talking. Then, like the other rep missions, you have to finish it with the option - on the first few this is 'submit recording'

Hope it's not bugged, as it took a while for the reward to come in when I did it on Montara

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It is bugged apparently. The Patch Notes for today's Patch mentions "Secrets of the Ancients" and should be fixed today.
(09-14-2013, 01:50 PM)markspend01 Wrote: Hey Kaspa well I think that no one know that answer you can search it through Google and get better resulth.Thanks!!
Huh? That mission was bugged and was fixed July 11th as I mentioned above.

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