CCE 2 - The Wrath of CCE?
(09-28-2013, 03:35 AM)Chris Wrote: It's nice that those of us who have the shard pet can get something new.
Honestly, I would have liked the Crystal Shard Pet more, but it is not optional for P'Triq. So, I will have to make due with the DOFF. LOL. Can't wait to put those 50k Dilithium into the Legion. Big Grin
Luckily I was messing around when Risian event was on, now I have both Projects active.
I doubt it will be possible to grind all 28 shards, but if I succeed, it's 150k Dil + 2500 FM's for Legion (2 characters).
(+ 50k for Academy)

EDIT: Sad I'll be 9 shards short...
Doing it on Elite atm. I have no idea why
(09-30-2013, 12:55 PM)Chris Wrote: Interphasic Rifts (Mirror Universe Rifts) will now only spawn ships every 10 minutes, instead of every 1.5 minutes.
Well, that would explain, why I was in shitty PUGs all over yesterday. There were so many Mirror Ships, that you could walk from the Spawn point to the Crystalline Entity and then to the planet.

+1 for everyone who gets the reference.
The order is - engage the silent drive!

Elite was a slice of hell, mainly with shardtards. The rewards in normal don't seem to be too bad compared, especially when we still get a shard for the project

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The marks package appears at your location when the Entity is destroyed. Which kinda sucks if your ship's just been destroyed by the exploding Entity, since you then have to respawn and go collect the package.

And if you play CC Elite during the bonus marks time, you can get 85 marks, I think - which is nice.

You should also pay attention to packages during the Mirror Incursion event. You get a reward item, which appears above the starbase and needs collecting.

(09-30-2013, 01:46 PM)Chris Wrote: Hmmm,

On two runs I have randomly found

[ItemReceived] Item acquired: Mark Package - Multiple Choice

So, I assume that they must drop from the entity when it dies, and everyone gets one so long as you move to it's wreckage?

(The Package used to just appear in your inventory, and you didn't have to fly up and get it. I thought they didn't give marks, as you would get them after you did it 14 times...)

So, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up, as I don't want you to just leave 40 marks sitting there and warp out-

I run it on Elite on two characters, since they have the firepower and abilities to (usually) survive. It's not too bad - same obstacles as normal, but the CE hits a bit harder and you have the risk of damage to your vessel. But the rewards are slightly sweeter. My Gorn's even managed 1st place twice on Elite (mostly thanks to Grav Well 3, probably).

My other characters, whom I haven't invested as much time and cash into, run it on Normal.
(10-11-2013, 04:48 AM)Chris Wrote: So, now that folks are approaching the 14 threshold, and have certainly run it a few times, are you all running it on Normal or Elite?

As I haven't had as much game time lately, I have been running it on normal. I'll probably try to dial it up to Elite next week as I should be able to play a bit more.

(Unless Elite is still crazy-)

Will look in to doing it on elite then.

Don't forget, after the 14 shard project completes, you can run a project with single shard's for big bonuses!

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Ive done it a few times on Elite now, and I must say, it doesn't really bother me!

Yeah I die a couple of times, but meh
(10-15-2013, 06:48 PM)Jstagg Wrote: Ive done it a few times on Elite now, and I must say, it doesn't really bother me!

Yeah I die a couple of times, but meh
Just finished mine on Saturday! I did CCE all 14 times and PUGd it too. I can do it you can!

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