Pi Canis daily [Edited to be guide]
Does anyone plays Pi Canis daily missions (ok, one is daily, other two are available every half hour)?
I was just roaming around that vast galaxy, trying to relax from Risa event, with my Biba L'oina, and checking available mission where I found these three: Missions are not hard, it took me about 30-45 minutes to get them all (including optionals), and Qapla', rewards are much better than Deferi daily.
It might be that my T'varo is OP with Jem'Hadar and Polaron DHC (which deletes shields on Feds and freighters instantly), but missions are fun and gives that "marauding/pirating" touch that I was searching way back before you could play Klingon from beginning (about year and half ago).

I'm not aware of this kind of mission exclusive to Feds, so this makes it as one more plus of enjoying my KDF alliance.

Here's what I got in total:

EDIT: Check this video to help you with tactics on Federation Transport optional

P.S. Yaaay!!! My very first topic Blush

Since some missions need little more explanations of tactics, and writing during mission is too slow, I've decided to make small tactical info guide for team playing because in some missions every second is important and "wrong" start may cause repetition.
Be aware, the number of reinforcement ships (or ships per group) will be multiplied by number of team members.

First, let's look at the map:

As you can see, you have to go through entire sector block, and mission systems are "in a row" so you can quickly travel from one to another.

In blue circle is where Freighters may travel, although mission mark shows it much smaller, easiest way to find them is to open map and see 3 dots that are traveling together.
So let's begin with tactics:
  1. Federation Transport Attack , Sortie Bravo - (Opt: 5 Freighters) This mission is preferred to be done with first, because if it fails, it's not problem to reset Sortie after all other's are done, cooldown is 30 minutes and starts as soon as you start mission, so if dropped you can do rest of missions while waiting (or smash some Borg on Defera). Best approach is that whole team focuses on those freighters in front, then when reinforcements arrive, destroy them as soon as possible and beam cargo. Do not destroy any Freighter until mission is complete, there is no Honor in that, and will mark it as failed!
    Sometimes in team play it may do one "bug" and it won't count equally for all, so, to avoid it, best to do is that every team member beams at least one cargo. Tractor beam is recommended if reinforcements are not quickly dealt with.
  2. Kern System Assault , Sortie Alpha - (Opt: Jam Communications) This one is easy,all you have to do is come near enemy ships (about 10-13 km), jam communications and destroy them.
    If you have cloak, it won't get deactivated, button for jamming will appear right where "Optional info" stands, you have about 5 seconds to do it, and just one of team member has/can to do it.
    After destroying ships, satellites are no problem.
  3. Maiewski System Assault, Sortie Alpha - (Opt: Jam Communications) Everything is almost same as in Kern system, but without satellites and map marks. Fly around planet and ships will appear - > jam comm - > kill everything.
  4. Kalferi Drydock Assault, Sortie Bravo - (Opt: Destroy docked ships before they are operational) Easy mission, you can ignore freighters that are leaving docks and focus only on docked ships (you'll recognize them by loading bar above them), for every ship you destroy, few shuttles will appear, they are weak so one person is enough to shoot them down.
    After all 4 are destroyed, reinforcements arrive, disintegrate them and move on.
  5. Ceron System Assault , Sortie Alpha - (Opt: Jam Communications) Same as Maiewski and Kern systems, search - > jam - > destroy.
  6. Eriksson Outpost Incursion , Sortie Bravo - (Opt: 4 Freighters) This one is a little bit harder and may require some practice because of that equation "Number of team members = Number of enemy ships" can easily distract from getting optional done.
    When you enter system, focus only on patrols that are following closest freighters, it's not so hard, but this freighters warp out faster than in other missions.
    After beaming cargo from one group, closest will be on right side of map. Also, it's not bad idea for team to split and catch all groups right after starting mission.
    Tractor beams and mines are highly recommended for those freighters.
So, that's about it for now, hope you learned something new for today Big Grin

And another edit!

Known bugs (sorted by missions):

1. Small bug: Sometimes in team play it won't count equally for all. To avoid it, it's best if every team member beams at least one cargo. Do not destroy any Freighter until mission is complete, there is no Honor in that, and will mark it as failed
4. Big bug: In teams bigger then 2 players, part of mission will get auto-completed upon entering system (docked ships + optional), and destroying reinforcements won't finish it. Re-entering system or changing instance of sector map won't help. So far only way to avoid is by splitting/reducing team to 2 players.
6. Not so bug: Sometimes freighters with escorts that should go away from station get stuck and won't move until are under attack.
Congrats on your first post - and a good one it is, too!

The one I found hardest was the optional on the freighters. I wouldn't mind trying it again in the Kalfi, just sitting in front of them dishing out plasma-based pain. KDF for the win, with this on
That optional where you need to catch 5?
I've figured that best way is to cloak and get in front first few (at 55-60% of their hull stop shooting and test if they can handle more), grab their stuff, smash reinforcement ship that came, then take from rest of them. With good tactics you can take it from all 6 of them.

Plasma based weapons (or any type with DoT) is often bad choice because it can destroy them before beaming goods, so that's where Polaron weapons come really handy.

Timing is crucial, so all DPS buffs should be activated on reinforcement ship (and Overload if you fly Romulan Warbird).
And one more thing that makes it easier, if you fail to get them all, depart system and replay it, after all "repeticio est mater studiorum" Wink

If I get time, I'll record it and post on YT, I'm not fluid with English, so it will be speechless, but it may help those who want to try it.
Good tips!

I meant that my carrier is carrying a wing of Elite Scorpions. Fortunately the freighters become friendly targets in plenty of time for DoTs to end, but I think that hanger-pet control would be required - as is the case in so many things! :lol:
On my other toon, with torpedo boat, I made few mistakes because all I shot was plasma torpedoes, and that kills them more often, but indeed, for energy weapons it should be much safer.
(06-29-2013, 03:03 PM)Monty Wrote: Congrats on your first post - and a good one it is, too!

The one I found hardest was the optional on the freighters. I wouldn't mind trying it again in the Kalfi, just sitting in front of them dishing out plasma-based pain. KDF for the win, with this on
I have the same problem. But since my Fleet T'Varo is also equipped with Polaron DHCs, I shall try again. Thanks for posting this.
And here it is:

I like that dilithium haul. I will have to check those out.


I just flew through missions with TacPaddy, and it was much more fun, so if you want to do it, do it in team.
But be aware that there will be more resistance, with 2 of us there were 2 Fed ships where there is 1 on solo, so probably there are same number of those as number of players.

Last mission we did was Eriksson Outpost where you have to pillage 4 freighters for optional, but you can do it by pillaging 2 and then other 2 that are under shield.
We had a problem with optional (still don't understand why) and had to re-enter system, so I recommend you that you pillage at least 3 before removing shields from outpost.

Good luck and have fun pillaging and smashing Feds Big Grin
Tried Pi Canis last night solo. Unfortunately, I blew the 5 freighter loot option, so I did not get the bonus dilithium. Also, took me a while to figure out how to bag the transport in sector space, but finally got that right. I do like the missions, and they are very "klingon." I would love to do Pi Canis team if you guys are available.


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