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Saturday is a maybe for me. I have some work to do around the house. I guess we'll just have to play it by ear.

Based on my recent experiences I want to say that I'm still very much up for this, but I just worry that without a little bit of common sense it can quickly go south.

Here is a link to the fleet rules on group - and here are the tactics for the STFs themselves There are other tactics, of course - but this way everyone knows what to expect and there is a common plan to work to, rather than 2 or 3.

I know that there are people who often do ground actions and have their own ways of doing things and so on, but when I'm in an STF I prefer it to be a little bit more structured than just 5 people doing what they want to do. For me, that's not a group action, it's 5 individual actions in 1 instance and that's not what I'm interested in.

I know that to many people it's for fun and that a structure, planning and actually doing what's best for the team even if it means doing something that's not best for the individual or even very fun.

When it comes to KASE, for example, I'm able and willing to stop the probes which is more than most people. It's far from fun, certainly not glamorous. When you do a good job no one notices but they notice when you mess up! But I do it almost every time I do a KASE - not because I want to, but because no one else wants to do it and it really has to be done. I could just refuse to do it, but then if no-one did it then the whole mission would fail.

It's the same in all STFs - if people just do what they want to do then it can end up taking much longer and being far less fun for everyone else.
You're right Monty. That's why I have a specific way of training players for STFs. I make sure everyone understands that the optional is not our objective; no one should rush ahead of me even if you know what to do; and I go over the strategy before and during the STF to make sure every one knows what's going on.

I agree--I ran the Vortex elite STF twice yesterday. The first time we were done quickly, achieved the optional, and got a ton og omega marks and 11 processors. The second time, it took us almost an hour (yes, an hour!) and one person even gave up and left the team, making it harder for the rest of us.

The difference? In run 2, everyone did what they thought would work in the regular version; shoot everything. I made a mistake myself and started shooting a generator before I noticed the cube...but even when our squad leader got us on track, nobody focused fire or followed directions. It became a chore, and I just shut off the game as soon as we finished the STF.
Thanks for the links Monty! I spent all day in space yesterday... but this week I want to at least start familiarizing myself with the ground stuff, so I'll accomplish that. Can't wait for training day!!!!
I would point out that voice chat is important in space stfs too, because writing while shooting is difficult :p
But I'm in too ( except that I don't know if it is reserved for ranked members).
I've been having trouble getting Raidcall to work...I can never get it to pick up my sound. I'm starting to think I don't have a microphone, though I'm certain I've used it before on my laptop...

Here's a random question: I frequently use my phone's headphones on my laptop because they're convenient--they have a hand-free mic, would that work? I should try that...
My guess would be yes it would, but by hand-free you mean built-in into the laptop ?
If you frequently use it then by all means give it a shot. You know they already work.

@saarak: I meant the earphones/mic are handfree, so I can pick up calls while I'm listening to my podcasts...which is much of the time. Smile I'd thought I had a built in mic on my laptop, next to the webcam. I could have sworn I used Skype or something on it a while back. Maybe I turned it off somehow.

@Attillio: I'll try it--not going to hurt anyone. Otherwise I guess I'll be looking for a microphone.

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