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Ship type
With 2 Tacs 2 Eng 1 Sci on each side I use (and mix) all three types. However, since I've respec'd my engi's I have been favoring my cruiser/battle cruisers. Escorts are fun it's true, but as the time goes on and the tac/escort/dps'ers seem to be more and more pandered to I tend to toss up a middle finger and say "i'll be in my cruiser where it's nice and safe." Smile
I'm having fun with the Escort class, I love the turn rate and fire power.
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Currently Escort, leftover from leveling. I aim for Atrox and/or Vesta.
Maybe I even lvl up new science cat for that.

And Warbird on my beta-Romulan
- U.S.S. Kobiashi Maru (I know its a typo): Heavy Cruiser
- U.S.S. Gangnam: Nova Science Vessel
- U.S.S. Foward Unto Dawn: Light Cruiser
- U.S.S. Ditoru (or something like that): Danube Runabout

Oh, yeah. Why exactly do cruisers get such a bad rap on their turn rates? My heavy cruiser turns much better than my old Nova sci vessel did.

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It's hard to claim just one. I bounce around from ship to ship just mix things up, flying the same ship every day gets boring Smile. But I always come home to these.

Tac (Fed) - U.S.S. Odyssey - Chimera Heavy Destroyer
Eng (Fed) - U.S.S. Saratoga - Assault Cruiser
Sci (Fed)- U.S.S. Prometheus - Caitian Atrox Carrier
Eng (Klingon) - I.K.S. Kar'beg - Negh'Var Heavy Battle Cruiser
Tac - (Fed) U.S.S. Ben Franklin - Tactical Escort Refit (new Captain)
Sci - (Romulan) R.R.W. Alfred E Newman - Mogai Heavy Warbird

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