Weekly STOA News - Updated Dec 26, 2016
My plan is to update this post weekly, however I've been forgetting to do so due to the fact that I'm usually rushing Monday mornings when I send the message. I'll endeavor to do keep this updated more often.

Please make sure you delete messages from your inbox. If your inbox reaches capacity you will not be able to receive fleet mail.

You can reply to this message by sending me a message in game to [email protected]_stoa

Latest message from December 26, 2016

Quote:Hailing STOA members!

On behalf of the Admiralty, I hope everyone had a fun-filled Christmas day. Even if you don't celebrate it, I hope you were able to be with loved ones. In the spirit of the holiday season, there will be two prizes this week with two winners!

The winner of last week's Mirror Star Cruiser is @heageth. Congratulations! This week we're giving away a Space Trait: Neutral Zone and 25,000 Fleet Credit Bonus Pool. For your chance to win just reply to this message and tell me to include you. You can enter your name for one or both of the prizes, just let me know. I'll announce the winner next Monday. Good luck!

[email protected]_stoa
STO Academy Fleet Admiral

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