Evening fleet,

last night on the fleet chat there was a reference made to a characters name (that I didn't get) that started a conversation about Firefly. I somehow missed it first time around... and when I heard about it I never really bothered to sit and watch it.

Well, I was strongly encouraged to rectify that situation, so after collecting my Lolwut's on Risa I got on Netlfix and watched the first couple of episodes.


Thanks for the recommend  Big Grin looks like my weekend is going to be spent binge-watching.


loool Firefly is what my teachers use for timetabling and notices
Don't forget the Serenity movie!

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Really enjoyed the show. Liked Jane's character the most. Serenity is a great movie. Really like Nathan Fillion. The very first movie date me and my wife went on was to the movie Slither. He is also from my wifes home town. 

Firefly definitly is a must see if your into sci-fi with a bit of old west flavor.
Firefly was in my opinion fantastic. I think it had potential to be one of the best sci fi series' of all time, unrealized mainly because of it's limited lifespan. The plots were engrossing, the dialog witty and humorous without becoming meaningless one liners. The character development was amazing, after a season of this show you really feel as if you know these people, and it in my case at least it made me care about them, and what happened to them. Joss Whedon did a brilliant job with this program, and I really wish they'd hire him to direct a new Trek film or (preferably) series.
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And it still has one of THE coolest intro/outro songs ever... R.I.P. Firefly, you suffered the death of being too far ahead of your time and cut by idiots with no vision (or taste).
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Firefly/Serenity really helped launch some of the cast on their acting careers.
For Instance, Summer Glau's role as River

was a big part of why she got the role of Cameron, the hottest Terminator ever, on another ill-fated show, the Sarah Connor Chronicles

There was even talk of her vying for a role in the Trek franchise ever since she came out as a Trekkie in an Australian interview in 2010 - wouldn't be surprised if she finally gets one on Discovery Wink

Jewel Staite (Kaylee) and Morena Baccarin both continued on as Atlantis' Dr. Keller and the Ori Adria with the Stargate Franchise

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