USS Nautilus: 80K+ DPS Tactical Odyssey
Dear all,

Here is the latest update to my build: USS Nautilus

My aim was to build a ship that could parse 75K+ on organized DPS Channel runs and yet give up little in terms of survivability to live through the aggro it generates in a pugs.

ISA parses range in the 65K-80K+ region on 50K/75K Channel runs and survivability in PUGs is excellent.

Some further notes can be found in the description/notes section   Smile
Getting that much DPS without DEM and the Embassy science consoles is impressive.  I think the best I've hit is 37K but I have a lot of upgrading left to do.
Looks like those flow cap consoles really make a difference
Sorry of the confusion; I do use the embassy consoles. I simply picked the "normal" flow-cap consoles on the skill-planner because the "embassy" flow-cap consoles have a missing icon.

The three plasma-generating [Flow] consoles from the fleet embassy provide 6-10K dps each from their plasma explosions. Closer to 10K on good runs.

As for DEM; you could expect around 2/3K dps from two activations of DEM 3 in a 2min ISA run. So whilst nice, it's not a game changer. DEM's main appeal was its use in conjunction with the Marion doff. However, with the simultaneous use of the new T6 battle-cruiser trait (Emergency Weapon Cycle), the cruiser weapon efficiency command AND weapon power overcap, he is no longer as useful IMO.
Gives me hope for what I can get out of my DPS build.  I still have a lot of upgrading to do and to get a second SRO to get it to it's max. But my Boff layout gives me Omega 3 and BFAW 2 and 3.  I really need to get the Strike Ship so that I can upgrade to the Attack Ship pets and Supremacy.
You need Zemok (or one of his equivalents) to sync APB and APO with your two BFaWs. If you don't have/can't afford/don't want to buy Zemok, you are better-off with APBx2 (as APB's global cooldown is not too far from FaW's). You always want to activate your attack patterns TOGETHER with your FaW to maximize your AoE damage burst.

However, I cannot emphasize enough how important piloting is. My biggest improvements going from 50K to 75K were by far related to my piloting. Positioning and ability activation timings are extremely important. No less important than the build itself.
So much expensive stuff I need to finish my build.  An Attack or Strike Ship to unlock the pets I want, Rugal Ghenro for the AP CD and Marion for DEM.  I don't know what's worse, the EC for that stuff or the dilithium for upgrading.
Just word of advice: it's very easy to invest serious resources for very minor gains in STO.

That is not to say you should not go ahead; these small improvements tend to accumulate. I do, however, think that one should do some due diligence (and do some math) to avoid being disappointed due to excessive expectations.

For example, you don't *need* Zemok. He is nice to have, but not a world better than a doff-less APBx2 build.

Or weapon mods: there is a world of difference in the prices of a crtidx2/crith/pen weapon and a critdx3/pen...but the actual dps difference between the two is less than 2% on that weapon's weapon damage output.
I don't know that Marion is as important as in the past either, due to all the different ways to mitigate weapon power drain (Bounty Hunter lobi console, stronger EPS via skills and consoles/gear, Borg console/KCB combo, Cruiser commands, Leech, Supremacy trait, Arbiter emergency weapons cycle trait, etc.). I've never had him and can still pull 55-60K easily in fleet ISA runs in my Arbiter. 

Zemok/Rugal help but can also be mitigated with AHOD/Reciprocity (coming to KDF characters in the next lockbox if the leaks are true), Bioneural Gel Packs, one of the Xindi Reptilian boffs, or with A2B although that would not be my preference. 

A small update...

Managed to climb back to the pre-nerf levels and I'm now at 86K.
There have been a couple of changes to the build.

Most notably:

  • I went with EPtWx2 vs. an EPTS/EPTW Drake build. I prefer the greater reliability of this set-up (for 100% EPtW uptime and therefore 100% EWC uptime). 
  • Got AHOD. Lovely thing.
  • Added Anchored to my personal traits.
  • Respecced into batteries for the new Energy Amplifiers.

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