The Wizards of STO's secret to success!!
Recently we have been seeing a lot of these guys on the forum and their amazing DPS. Have you wondered what their secret is to such high DPS output? Well I can show you at least one of the tools they use to aide them and how you can use it to your advantage as well.

With the advent of Super HP enemies and more of them, our DPS clearly needs to be higher than what it was a month ago. The current trend in this game points to damage dealing and damage dealing alone. 

A better solution to this by Cryptic might have been the necessity of having a Tank and a healer and adding mechanics by where the group could not survive unless a tank was there to soak a major incoming hit, which would necessitate threat generation by that tank to gain the aggro of that ship or ships. But I digress, as this model seems unlikely to come into our game at this point.

The video I have linked below will show you how to install and setup your own Combat Log Reader. This is the same tool The Wizards of STO use. This tool is invaluable in assessing your gear and how you did in a fight. Hope you enjoy and find this useful.

(11-11-2014, 07:36 PM)Chris Wrote: I like that desktop/background WillaimShat!

I decided to give this a go, and wanted to give you a heads up that if you have never used a combat logger before, you won't have a CombatLog file to click on!

(To make that file, you need to go into STO, and type /Combatlog 1 into the chat, and press enter.   Then when you fight some things (ground or space) it will create the proper file for you-)

Otherwise, it works fine, and I look forward to getting some good data out of it.  


PS:>  I didn't know there was a 'dual hanger' ship that had 4 fore weapons and 3 rear weapons.  That Xindi carrier is nice!


I'll make sure to add a note in the video.  I didn't think about it when making the video. 
(11-11-2014, 07:36 PM)Chris Wrote: PS:>  I didn't know there was a 'dual hanger' ship that had 4 fore weapons and 3 rear weapons.  That Xindi carrier is nice!

The JHDC also has that layout.

(11-11-2014, 08:11 PM)robonixon Wrote: The JHDC also has that layout.

And Kar'fi has it as well Smile

Nice instructions! 
I was using ACT before I got new gear in PC and forgot to get it again (re-installed Windows), but now I'll try this one instead.
Well, the Kar'Fi can launch the even cooler Fer'Jai Frigates. Wink

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