Mirror Invasion Event
And it is a cross-factional Event as well. Sweet!
I'm loving the layout, but still pretty pissed about the fact that they took the old one away! That was some major expertise hoarding that was oh so necessary :/

Guess I'll just have to think of other ways lol
Thanks for the info Patrick, I sure look forward to it!
I saw this on the newsfeeds - I will be making a come back at least for this, but then trying to make it online at least once a week after that. For this I'll be busting all my toons through it, as Chris says, it's a hell of a Doff - but generally I'll be sticking to getting Montara up on all the things that are new and so on.
I also think that it is the best option. Yes, the cruisers can start up the power transfers faster than the scis, but they can also take more hits so it makes sense that the scis wait back until the cruisers have agro and then sneak in and close the rift and THEN do the power transfer.
A couple of thoughts:

1) Damage to the station does affect the award, at least before the Dreadnaught shows up. I don't know about Elite, but on Normal there are 10 Marks awarded based on how intact the station is, shown by one of the objectives which shows health starting at 10/10.

2) I'm flying an Avenger so I spend a lot of time activating the power transfers to increase the stations defences, which seems to work well at keeping the Mirror fleet at bay - assuming people are closing the rifts. Unfortunately, a lot of the time in the PUGs I play they don't, and you end up with clusters of three rifts and 5-6 battleships supporting each other so it takes ages to close the rifts down. Meanwhile, more rifts are opening elsewhere and the next think you know there's a tidal wave of frigates and escorts coming in from the other side of the map.
(03-18-2014, 03:50 AM)Chris Wrote: Someday, perhaps we will get to face off against Mirror Picard!
(Which I stumbled upon, and don't really have any info about....)

So the Mirror universe Picard is Cobra commander ?
(03-18-2014, 03:45 PM)eagl17 Wrote: So the Mirror universe Picard is Cobra commander ?

HAHA! Perfect comparison
Is that my "Tokyo Drift" Scimitar in the first picture? Big Grin

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