looking for some help

i am new here and i was hoping someone could help me with a mission i am stuck on.
No mater what I do i keep getting destoyed. Its starting to get frustrting

I am on the mission tears of the profets, Disable the Praxeth

No matter how good the wepons and shields i have i keep getting destroyed. I am pretty much out numbered
Several Jem'Hardar ships plus the Praxeth.

I could really use some advise. My game name is riker1986, i have requested to join the star fleet academy fleet , although i don't know if i did it right.

i appreciate any help anyone could provide.

also really looking forward to being part of this community.

merry christmas
thank you very much!

i haven't been on in a few days so i'm hoping that when i log in now someone will be around

i don't remember the name of the ship but i recently changed from a Definet class
kind of thinking of going back to it.

the time zone i'm in is Newfoudland so .5 later then eastern standard time i think?

looking forward to seeing you in the game.
I usually play the game between 8 and 11pm Eastern Time (Toronto/New York/Florida)
My in game handle is @clintonseaforth, and I'd be more then happy to help you with this mission.
Send me a subspace email in game, or via here, and we can work out a time I can help you.
Note that due to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day... I'll be on very little.


no problem i actually just finishd that mission , however it be fun to play with someone.

i will add you as a friend in the game. eastern time is a hour behind us i think? its currently 1051 pm here
i will look for you in the next few days
You're half hour behind ... you're -4.5, I'm -5 UTC.

If you need help in game, my username is Grendel the [email protected]

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