Leaving the fleet ( and the game )
Hello folks, what's up ?

As many of you are aware of, I have not been online for some days now, because I'm preparing for a big step in life, which is choosing a career ; a career I had in mind since my childhood. I stopped drawing, but my creativity is still there.
So recently I bought a Wacom CINTIQ (graphic tablet with a 12" screen on it ), in order to master anatomy, and then Zbrush, which is a 3D sculpting package widely used in the games and films industries.
My goal is, in the long term, to because character artist.

So that being said, I have to leave MMOs, STO included, and work hard hard hard if I want this to succeed.

It has been an honor serving with you guys, I hope you will not be disappointed by my abscence.

Hailing frequencies closed, captain.

Bye and GL HF !!!

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